1. We will continue to hold students accountable to be wearing their 23-24 Student ID around their neck if they are INSIDE our building. Students will receive 2 of them with a lanyard at the beginning of the year in advisory and then they must pay for a new one if they come to school without one. After approximately a week, consequences will begin for not wearing an ID.


2. Students at NHS and NNHS will be given an Access Card that will get them into the College and Career doors beginning at 7:25am and ending at 4:15pm each day. We have worked with our office staff to provide coverage at the College and Career doors from 7:25am until school begins. Our office personnel will make sure that students who do enter with an access card are still arriving with their ID around their neck. We will NOT require that students enter one at a time with their card and we know that groups of students will still enter all together with just one person's card. The card is simply to allow students who park outside of those doors or who go to the athletic buildings that they can get back in the building WITHOUT SOME STUDENT OPENING THE DOOR FOR THEM. We will need to retrain our students that they NEVER have to open the doors for anyone because all students should have their Access Card.


Students will receive their Access Card with their 2 ID's through Advisory during the first week of school.