Total Registration has re-opened. You must pay for AP Exams by midnight on Nov. 16th. This is the last opportunity. Please don't delay!

Students in Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered the opportunity to take the end-of-year exam in May.  This exam is optional, but encouraged.  

STEP 1: Each AP student must create (or use their existing account) an account at myap.collegeboard.org. The options will be "Yes" (I want to order an exam); "No" (I don't want to order an exam) or "Undecided."

**If the student's account says "Yes" at NOON on Friday, Nov. 4, AND the exam fees have been paid, their exam will be ordered.

**If the student's account says "No" or "Undecided" on Friday, Nov. 4 OR if it says "Yes" but the exam hasn't been paid for, their exam will not be ordered.

STEP 2: Go to www.totalregistration.net to pay for all exams. You can make arrangements on the site to pay by credit card or to mail a check to Total Registration. We cannot accept payment at school and we cannot accept exam orders after NOON on Friday, Nov. 4.

Please contact Brenda Wilkins, NHS AP Coordinator, at bwilkins@normanps.org if you have any questions.