All student check in and check out will be conducted at the College and Career Office
If possible, please contact your attendance secretary PRIOR to checking out a student, and we will have your student waiting. We understand that emergencies arise; however, please try and give attendance secretaries as much notice as possible.

Upper class students can leave at lunch time, there is no need to check them out during lunch. If they are not returning, notify us to verify the absence.

Students with 7th hour athletics will need to be checked prior to the last hour.

Please call 405-366-5812 and ask for the attendance secretary according to your student’s grade and last name.

Freshman: CC Espinosa

10th - 12th Grades:
(A-D) Christie Carter
(E-L) Wilnellia Lima
(M-R) Tiffani Cox
(S-Z) Lisa Sipe