Parents to help speed up the process of releasing your student when you need them please do the following:

1) When you know your student has an appointment in advance, notify your attendance secretary as soon as possible so we can create an e-hall pass for them to check out and be ready for you when you arrive. (this can be done even days in advance). Scheduled appointments we use e-hall pass as a digital notice to students/teachers to minimize interruption of instruction time.

2) If you have an emergency and need your student as soon as possible, understand it may take 10-15 minutes to check out during a class period. We cannot guarantee check out of a student in the last 15 mins of a class period - students may leave during the passing period if you notify the attendance secretary. If you notified us in advance (1 hour or more) this will not apply.

3) Check outs during 7th hour (3-4pm) we request you notify us prior to 2pm. Only emergency check outs should be considered during this time.

Always notify us in advance if you can - an hour or more. Calling or texting your student to tell them to leave doesn't check them out. Please contact someone in the attendance office.

Thank you!

Freshman Academy: Christine Hall 405-366-5813
10-12 A-G: Casey Stephens 405-366-5814
10-12 H-P: Robin Brown 405-366-5815
10-12 Q-Z: Jennifer McMillen 405-366-5816