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NPS partners with Norman Regional Health System for Dimensions Academy project

NORMAN -- Norman Public Schools and Norman Regional Health System announced Tuesday another chapter in their partnership to serve the Norman community. As part of Norman Public School District’s new building project for Dimensions Academy, Norman Regional Health System generously donated land adjacent to the school for the construction of a new gymnasium that will also serve as the school’s storm shelter. 

“Our mission is to serve our community as a leader in health and wellness care,” Norman Regional Health System President and CEO, Richie Splitt said. “We know education is a crucial part overall health and well-being and we are exceptionally proud of our long-term partnership with Norman Public Schools. To be able to contribute to Dimensions Academy which previously did not have a gymnasium for physical education is a great fit for our mission and we’re thrilled to be part of this program.”

Norman Regional Health System has been a foundational partner of Norman Public Schools for years, positively impacting the lives of both students and families. 

“I cannot say enough about what our relationship with Norman Regional means to this district,” Norman Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Nick Migliorino said. “From allowing us to provide access to healthcare in schools to providing training and health screenings for both students and staff, they truly impact lives for the better and we couldn’t be more grateful for their continued contributions.”

Dimensions Academy, which was previously located in a leased facility at the intersection of Main and 12th Ave. SE, did not have a gymnasium at its previous location. With the completion of the gym over winter break, Dimensions students are now able to enjoy the same physical education and health curriculum available to all Norman Public Schools students. 

This work is just the latest in a long history of service between the district and Norman Regional. Thanks to its partnership with Norman Regional Health System and the Norman Regional Health Foundation, Norman Public Schools is able to have at least one healthcare provider in each one of its 24 schools. This unique program is a model for public schools both statewide and across the nation. 


Quick and easy access to healthcare is vital for getting students back to the classroom as quickly as possible and the health screenings provided by these professionals are an invaluable preventative tool, particularly for those families who may struggle with access to healthcare. 

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