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School to resume Monday, April 16


School will be canceled Friday, April 13. However, classes will resume Monday, April 16.

I have been in constant contact with our professional educators, staff, parents and community members to gather the information that has informed our decision making throughout this process. In our most recent survey, the majority of our educators and staff indicated they support resuming school Monday, April 16, and focusing on more targeted advocacy efforts.

We have received thousands of phone calls and emails from parents and community members regarding the walkout. I have read every message and have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. I am hopeful we can continue to rely on our community as we remain committed to securing the funding necessary to provide a high-quality educational experience for all students.

Let me be clear, this is not the end of our advocacy. This is only the beginning.

The efforts of our educators have ignited the entire state. The walkout was a catalyst for real and meaningful change. However, this is just a first step toward funding public education at the levels our students deserve. While the strategy is changing, we will not waiver in our commitment to secure long-term funding solutions. It is vital that Norman continue to be a leader in the state and I urge you all to continue the passionate support of public education that you have shown for so long and for the past two weeks in particular. The presence of parents at the Capitol has made a powerful statement, and I encourage you to continue being a strong voice as you share your views with legislators.

School schedules will remain the same the first part of next week. Details about revised schedules are being finalized and information will be provided when it becomes available. Our goal is to provide advance notice to allow everyone adequate time to adjust their daily routines.

We are also working to determine a testing schedule that provides students with time to adjust to being back in school and get up-to-speed on the material. I have asked our educators to allow leniency with our pace of instructional plans and demonstrate grace and understanding to our students as we transition back to the classroom.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our families and community members for supporting us throughout this unprecedented process. Your steadfast support during this trying time has been incredible and needs to continue. I know it has been challenging and I am so proud to be part of a community that is willing to do so much for the good of our students.


Dr. Nick Migliorino


Norman Public Schools