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School canceled April 3 and April 4


As you know, many of our educators, parents and community members are at the State Capitol today. They continue to advocate for increased funding for public education as bills passed were later modified and no longer include the funding necessary to support measures outlined in the approved legislation.

This morning, we surveyed our educators and learned that the majority of our teachers plan to continue advocating at the State Capitol, which is also the case at many districts across the metro area. Thus, we will be unable to provide learning environments that are safe, secure and productive and school will be canceled Tuesday, April 3, as well as Wednesday, April 4.

I understand school cancellations are inconvenient for parents and families and my intention is to resume classes as soon as possible. Many of our schools are providing breakfast and lunch for students. Limited childcare opportunities are also available through the United Way of Norman. Information can be found at

We appreciate the community’s support as we do our best to navigate this situation. I remain committed to providing transparent and timely information and will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves.



Dr. Nick Migliorino