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NPS again expands pre-kindergarten programs

More local children will have an opportunity to participate in the Norman Public School District’s pre-kindergarten programs this fall, as the district again has increased capacity for extended-day programs.

“Early education is critical in the learning process,” said Dr. Nick Migliorino, Norman Public Schools superintendent. “We appreciate the community organizations that have partnered with us to expand our outreach and make early childhood education accessible to students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to participate.”

The program fosters intellectual, language, physical and social, emotional development in an appropriate environment. Students discover new concepts through play and hands-on projects and focus on literacy, numeracy, science, social studies and the arts. A pre-kindergarten routine helps students develop appropriate behavior for school and supports successful learning in the future. Students learn to work in small groups, listen to others, make choices, take turns, solve problems and build relationships.

Classes are limited and taught by certified Early Childhood educators and teaching assistants. Due to space limitations, a random drawing process is used. Several district programs are held at off-site locations to provide opportunities to more children.

Parents have until March 2 at 4 p.m. to indicate their preferred location and submit applications, which will be used in the drawing. Applications received after March 2 will be accepted, however, those students will be placed at locations that have openings if any are available after the drawing. Students must be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2018. Students who live outside the district may be considered for transfer after the initial drawing process is complete.

Kindergarten enrollment also has begun and materials are available at each elementary school. To enroll, parents must bring two proofs of residency, an official birth certificate and a current immunization record for their child. Parents who have already enrolled their students in Kindergarten must confirm the student's enrollment in July at their school office.

Additional information is available at each elementary school or at