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iTech launches with MacBooks for teachers

Our students are tomorrow's inventors, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers. In the past, students attended school because that's where information was found. Today, technology has made information accessible anytime, anywhere. To best prepare our students for what's ahead, we have embarked on iTech, which is a student instructional technology initiative that:

  • Closes the digital divide
  • Provides MacBook laptops for all middle and high school students
  • Infuses elementary schools with additional Apple devices
  • Promotes 21st-century readiness
  • Expands educational resources
  • Enhances project-based learning
  • Extends learning beyond the classroom
  • Improves opportunities to innovate and collaborate
  • Provides MacBook laptops for every teacher

This project begins with our teachers, who recently began receiving their laptops and participating in professional development that focuses on how to appropriately integrate instructional technology to enhance student learning. Do you have questions about iTech? Click here for more information about the iTech initiative or to submit a question.