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Norman Public Schools select site teachers of the year

Teachers across the Norman Public School District today were recognized as Teachers of the Year at their respective schools for demonstrating a commitment to excellence and ingenuity in the classroom.


Coordinated by the district's Staff Development Committee, the program recognizes teachers who are ambassadors for the profession and exhibit vigorous, creative and imaginative teaching that results in positive learning experiences. Recipients also are active in their community and  display positive leadership at their school.


“We are fortunate to have so many talented educators in our district,” said Dr. Nicholas Migliorino, superintendent of Norman Public Schools. “This incredible group of teachers demonstrate passion for serving students, innovation in the classroom and optimism for the future. We appreciate the significant contributions they make to benefit our students.”

While each school’s selection process can differ, eligible teachers typically are nominated by their colleagues. The school’s faculty and support staff then cast votes to determine who will receive the honor.


Recipients will be honored at a January breakfast and also will have an opportunity to be considered for the 2018 Norman Public Schools Teacher of the Year award, which will be announced in the spring. The district’s Teacher of the Year will be eligible for the statewide award. Teachers recognized are:


  • Adams - Christel Wesley, 5th Grade
  • Cleveland - Jessica Trent, Kindergarten
  • Eisenhower - Hadley Shepherd, 4th Grade
  • Jackson - Susan Allgood, Gifted Resource Coordinator
  • Jefferson - Dennis Wright, 2nd Grade
  • Kennedy - Beth Grant, PreKindergarten
  • Lakeview - Amanda Hacker-Owens, PreKindergarten
  • Lincoln - Teresa Lansford, Teacher Librarian
  • Madison - Stephanie Fowler, Special Education/Resource
  • McKinley - Ann McMillen, 1st Grade
  • Monroe - Stefani Stuemky, Physical Education
  • Reagan - Luke Grimmett, 4th Grade
  • Roosevelt - Lyndsay Schlegel, 5th Grade
  • Truman - Natalie Goodwin, 5th Grade
  • Truman Primary - Elizabeth Briley, Special Education/Multiple Disabilities
  • Washington - Sally Salmons, 1st Grade
  • Wilson - Tammy McGuire, Teacher Librarian
  • Alcott - Jessica Eschbach, Language Arts/Yearbook
  • Irving - Laura Vaughn, 7th Grade Science
  • Longfellow - Christine Hrubik, 6th-8th Grade Vocal Music
  • Whittier - Sarah Brewer, 8th Grade Social Studies
  • Dimensions - Scott Olsen, 4th and 5th Grades   
  • Norman High - Erin Davis, Latin
  • Norman North - Tracy Bates, English
  • Residential Facilities - Phillip Trimmer, 6th-12th Grades