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Action Based Learning Lab opens at Jefferson Elementary

Students twisted, turned and even toppled as they learned academic concepts in a new “Action Based Learning Lab” that opened today at Jefferson Elementary.

The lab - made possible through an $11,000 grant from Schools for Healthy Lifestyles - provides equipment students can use to be physically active and academically engaged.

Educational research suggests that about 85 percent of school-age students are predominantly kinesthetic learners. In fact, researchers have found that after just 20 minutes of physical activity, students test better in reading, spelling and math, and also are more likely to read above their grade level.

Jefferson Elementary received a variety of elementary equipment including a pedal desk, moonwalker, lateral snowboarder, brain works wall chart, math mat, letter-learning station, froghopper number line and more - all designed to keep kids active while they learn.

“The lab is a unique way to help students succeed in the classroom,” said Nan Schuchman, the school’s physical education teacher. “Its exciting for our school to introduce a learning style that connects physical activity and academic achievement.”

Created by an internationally recognized education consultant, Action Based Learning is a concept based on brain research that supports the link of movement and physical activity to enhanced academic performance. The concept has been nationally recognized for its innovative approach to learning and the resulting academic improvements in elementary students.

The school was selected as one of 15 schools across the state to receive an Action Based Learning Lab this year. It is the first lab of it’s kind in Norman Public Schools.