2023 Bond Frequently Asked Questions

  • Below are FAQs about the 2023 bond proposal, including general questions and ones about specific projects: esports and multiuse spaces, FFA farm facility, fine arts facility, instructional materials/STEAM classroom additions, new stadium/existing stadium upgrades, Oklahoma Aviation Academy and transportation facility. 

General FAQs

  • What is a school bond issue?

  • When is the school bond election?

  • What is included in the 2023 bond proposal and how big is it?

  • How was the proposal developed?

  • Will taxes go up if the bond is approved by voters?

  • Would every school benefit?

  • Are bond issues cumulative?

  • How would the bond impact the classroom?

  • Where can I find ballot language?

  • What percentage is required for passage?

  • Why will there be two propositions on the ballot?

  • Will teachers receive a salary increase because of the bond?

  • What if I don’t have children or students in your schools?

Esports and Multiuse Spaces

  • What are esports?

  • Why do Norman schools need esports spaces?

  • But aren’t these just kids playing video games?

  • What design will these spaces have?

  • Can these spaces be used for other things?

FFA Farm Facility

  • Why does NPS need an updated school farm?

  • What specific improvements would be a part of the farm project?

  • Isn’t Norman an urban community?

  • What is FFA and what does it do?

  • How many students are involved with FFA at the two NPS high schools?

Fine Arts Facility

  • Doesn’t the district already have a fine arts facility?

  • So why does the district need another one?

  • Will a new facility be a duplicate of the Nancy O’Brian Center?

  • How would a new fine arts facility benefit students and patrons?

  • Why was Irving Middle School picked as the potential site for a new fine arts building?

Instructional Materials/STEAM Classroom Additions

  • Doesn’t the state already provide money for instructional and operational costs?

  • How much of the bond would be used for instructional costs?

  • We hear a lot about STEAM classrooms. What does STEAM mean?

  • How does NPS plan to incorporate STEAM into the classroom?

  • Will additional staff be hired to work in the STEAM classrooms?

New Stadium/Existing Stadium Upgrades

  • Why does Norman North need its own stadium?

  • So you want a new stadium only to benefit the North football team?

  • Where will the new stadium be located?

  • If North gets a new stadium, what happens to the “old” stadium at Norman High?

  • Why does NPS spend so much money on athletic facilities?

Oklahoma Aviation Academy

  • What is the Oklahoma Aviation Academy?

  • How is the Oklahoma Aviation Academy special?

  • Why make such an investment in the Oklahoma Aviation Academy?

  • What is the vision for the Oklahoma Aviation Academy?

  • How does the Oklahoma Aviation Academy prepare students for future careers?

  • What courses are included in the OAA curriculum?

  • Are there different tracks or paths? For example, there’s a narrative that it’s only a flight school for pilots?

  • Why is Norman a good site for such an academy?

  • Will the OAA benefit Norman and Oklahoma economically?

  • How are NPS and the University of Oklahoma working together on the OAA?

  • How many students will be able to participate in the program?

Transportation Facility

  • How large is the NPS transportation department?

  • How many students use NPS transportation daily?

  • Why does the district spend so much on transportation?

  • What are the plans to improve NPS transportation facilities?

  • What’s the rationale for investing in a new transportation facility?