Distance Learning Dashboard

  • Each week, teachers will reach out to their students to provide enrichment opportunities specific to their class. Additionally, parents are encouraged to take advantage of the grade-level resources below to provide additional education opportunities for their children.

    It is important to understand that "distance learning" does not necessarily mean "online learning." Rather, distance learning takes place when students are separated from their instructors, as well as their peers and is a way for students to learn from locations outside of traditional school buildings. During this time, we are focused on ensuring students can maintain and enhance their academic skills.  


Elementary Distance Learning

  • Pre-K Kinder First

    Second Third

    Fourth Fifth

6th - 12th Distance Learning (Core)

  • math science english

    social studies world languages AP


6th - 12th Distance Learning (Non-core)

  • fine arts computers

    PE ICAp              

Supporting All Learners

  • family support gifted and talented

    special ed english learners

    libraries indian ed


  • How much time should be spent on distance learning?

  • Who can help with technology issues?

  • What if we do not have internet?

  • How do I teach at home?

  • When is the last day of school?

  • Can students improve their grades?

  • Will students' grades drop?

  • How do I contact my child's teacher?

  • What if my child doesn't have a device?

  • Why should students participate?

  • Can I enroll my child in NPS ExpandED?

COVID-19 Information

  • Coronavirus germ

    Please click here for information about COVID-19 and school closures. 

Sample Daily Schedule

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