• Pre-Kindergarten Program Enrollment Procedures


    Norman Public Schools will be offering the Pre-Kindergarten (4-year-old) Program for the 2019-2020 school year at all sixteen (16) elementary schools and seven (7) BBA sites. 

    The Pre-K Program will feature teachers who are certified in Early Childhood Education with a maximum class size of 10 students for one teacher. Class numbers will be increased only if 15 or more students request enrollment.  At 15 students, an aide would be added and the total class size could range from 15 to 20. No class will have more than 20 students. A.M. sessions are 7:50-10:30 and P.M. sessions are 12:10-2:50. Adams, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Lakeview, Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, McKinley, Reagan, Roosevelt, Truman Primary and Wilson Elementary Extended Day is 7:50a.m.-2:50p.m.  BBA Extended Day (CCFI, First Baptist, Middle Earth, NorthHaven and YMCA) is 8:05a.m.-3:05p.m.

    Norman Public Schools Pre-K is a voluntary program and TRANSPORTATION WILL NOT BE PROVIDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Enrollment will not be accepted unless all enrollment requirements for Norman Public Schools are met.




    Beginning February 11, 2019, parents who are interested in having their 4-year-old attend one of the Pre-K classes should go to their neighborhood school and obtain information about the Pre-K Program. Parents will receive a Pre-K packet that contains an application card and enrollment materials. The application card is to be completed and returned and the enrollment materials are to be held until after the Pre-K drawings.


    Parents will complete the application card, indicating their choice for the drawings. Parents will first indicate their preference for Pre-K enrollment. Procedure choices are:

    ___  I would like my child to be in the first round drawing for my neighborhood school which is __________________ Elementary.


    ___  In the event my child’s name is not drawn for my neighborhood school, I prefer to remain on the waiting list and do not want to participate in the second round drawing.


    ___  In the event my child’s name is not drawn for my neighborhood school, I would like to be considered in the second round drawing for my second choice at _____________________ Elementary.


    ___  I do not want to participate in the first round drawing for my neighborhood school. I would like to be considered for my school of preference ONLY in the second round drawing at __________________ Elementary.


    Applications for neighborhood schools will be in the first drawing.  If a parent chooses Extended Day at their home school and they are NOT drawn, they will automatically be put in the 1st round drawing ½ day if available at their site and their child’s name will also remain on the Extended Day Pre-K waitlist for their home school. A second drawing will be held for applicants who were not drawn for their neighborhood school or did not participate in the first round drawing by choice. If applicants are not interested in the second drawing they may remain on their neighborhood school’s waiting lists.

    The application card may be completed immediately or they will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on March 1, 2019. Cards may be returned in the office of your neighborhood school or at the Administrative Services Center, 131 S. Flood. Application cards can be returned in person or by mail.