Board Policies

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Board of Education
1001 By-Laws for Board of Education View PDF
1002 Board Operations View PDF
1003 Board Meetings Held Via Videoconference or Teleconference ViewPDF
2000 Organizational Chart View PDF
2000-1 Organizational Chart View PDF
2000-2 Job Responsibilities View PDF
2001 Calendar View PDF
2001-1 Contract and Duty Times View PDF
2001-2 Extended School Year View PDF
2001-3 Procedures for Inclement Weather View PDF
2002 Safety and Security View PDF
2002-1 Bomb Threats View PDF
2002-2 Visits to School View PDF
2002-3 Cooperation with Law Enforcement View PDF
2002-4 Damage and Theft of Personal Property View PDF
2002-5 Hazardous Chemicals View PDF
2002-6 Emergency Drills View PDF
2002-7 Safety Checklists and Inspection Reports View PDF
2002-8 Student Accident Reports View PDF
2002-9 Injury Reports View PDF
2002-10 Use of District-Owned Equipment View PDF
2002-11 Commissioning of Campus Police Officers View PDF