About Special Services

  • The purpose of special education is to minimize the impact of the disability and maximize the opportunity for the student to participate in school. The district's Special Services Department provides guidance and support to schools and families to ensure students are provided the specialized instruction and related services they require to succeed academically, as outlined in the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Parents who believe their child is in need of special education and/or wish to learn more about their rights under IDEA may contact the district's Special Services department at 405.366.5841.



  • Gayla Mears

    Gayla Mears

    Executive Director of Support Services

    Christy Washington

    Christy Washington
    Assistant Director of Support Services


A Special Shot

  • Lainy during interview

    Special shot for student with special needs

    Lainy Fredrickson took the country by storm when she scored a special shot for Norman High School during the Crosstown Clash basketball game. It's been a whirlwind for her ever since. Click here to learn more about Lainy Fredrickson.