Summer School

  • Summer School opportunities are offered to students at the following levels: elementary grades K-3, middle school who are taking high school courses, and high school grades 9-12. 


    UPDATED due to COVID-19 on 4/24/2020

    The Elementary Program is offered free of charge to students who meet specific eligibility criteria and are invited by their teachers to attend.  The elementary summer program is focused on reading remediation for students one or more years below grade level.


    There are TWO High School Summer School Programs Which High School Summer School Program is right for you?

    CREDIT RECOVERY SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM is offered to students in grades 9 through 12 who have failed a course and need to make up the credit.  This program is only for currently enrolled NPS students. Virtual classes will be offered with assistance from Mentor Teachers.  This program is FREE to all students but is ONLY for CREDIT RECOVERY.  Credit Recovery Link to Enrollment Form

    ExpandED ONLINE SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM is an accelerated online program that will allow students to test out of material that has already been mastered.  This program is for students seeking original credit to get ahead in their coursework. The program is offered using the Edgenuity platform and is monitored by a teacher who is also available for online tutoring sessions. A wide variety of core courses and electives are offered.  This program is $225 per semester course. Reduced rates are available for qualifying students. ExpandED Link to Enrollment Form

    **Middle School Students may enroll in ExpandED Online Summer School:  Eighth-grade students who will be entering high school in August may take Oklahoma History.  Physical Science is also open to eighth-grade students who have completed Algebra I. Advanced math courses are open to seventh and eighth-grade students who have completed prerequisite courses.

    ESY (Extended School Year) is also offered to eligible Special Education students in all grade levels.  

    EL (English Learners) students in grades K through 5 who meet eligibility requirements are served in the elementary programs.  APPLICATIONS FOR INVITED STUDENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES.

    Contact your school principal or counselor with specific questions regarding summer school.

    : Patty Thomason,
    Cost: FREE
    Eligibility: By invitation only, Based on FAST Level
    Grade Levels: Current K-3rd and English Learners 4th & 5th
    Program: Reading Remediation
    Student Days & Hours: 8 weeks in June and July
    Lunch: Breakfast & Lunch available for pick up at the schoool


    High School Credit Recovery
    Principal:  Clinette Franks,
    Counselor: Melanie Hayes,
    Cost:  FREE
    Eligibility: Students who need Credit Recovery, NO OUT OF DISTRICT STUDENTS
    Grade Levels
    :  Current 9th -12th
    Program:  Edgenuity
    Student Days & Hours:  June 1-25(Mon-Fri) and June 29-July 24 (Mon-Fri)
    No School: Friday, July 3,
    Lunch:  Breakfast & Lunch available for pickup at the school


    ExpandED Online Summer School
    Location:  VIRTUAL

    Principal:  Clinette Franks,
    Counselor: Melanie Hayes,
    Cost:  $225 Original Credit, $20 for Free Lunch Students, $40 for Reduced Lunch Students, $250 Out of District
    Eligibility:  All Students, Out of District Students are allowed at a higher rate
    Grade Levels:  Current 9th -12th, Advanced Math open to 7th and 8th grade
    Program:  Edgenuity
    Student Days & Hours:  June 1-25(Mon-Fri), June 29-July 24 (Mon-Fri)
    Transportation:  Not Provided
    Lunch:  Breakfast & Lunch at the school


    ESY (Extended School Year )

    Location: Distance Learning
    : Christy Washington,
                      Sheila Clifton,
    Cost:  FREE
    Eligibility:  By invitation only
    Grade Levels:  PK-12th Special Education Students
    Program:  IEP Goals
    Student Days & Hours:  June 16-June 25 and July 14-July 23
    ES-8:00-11:45(subject to change)
    MS & HS-8am-11:45am(subject to change)
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Grades K-12
    Tuesday, Thursday: Preschool age
    Lunch:  Breakfast & Lunch available for pickup at the school