Summer School

  • Summer School opportunities are offered to students at the following levels:

    • Elementary grades K-3
    • Middle school who are taking high school courses
    • High school grades 9-12


    The Elementary Program is offered free of charge to students who meet specific eligibility criteria and are invited by their teachers to attend.  The elementary summer program is focused on reading remediation for students one or more years below grade level.


    High School Summer School is offered at a cost in a traditional format with some online offerings. Summer school fees are waived for high school students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.


    ESY (Extended School Year) is also offered to eligible Special Education students in all grade levels.  


    EL (English Learner) students in grades K through 5 who meet eligibility requirements are served in the elementary or high school summer programs. 


    Contact your school principal or counselor with specific questions regarding summer school.




    High School 


    (Extended School Year)


    Adams Elementary

    Norman North High School

    Adams Elementary & Norman North High School


    Patty Thomason

    Lorenzo Alferos

    Christy Washington and Sheila Clifton



    $150 per semester course

    $175 for out of district students

    Scholarships for Qualifying Students




    Available at Parent Teacher Conferences on March 14 & 15

    Online Enrollment Form

    Available through Special Education Teacher


    By invitation only

    Based on DRA Level

    (non-Title Schools will have a different criteria)

    All Students

    By invitation only

    Grades Levels

    Current K - 3rd

    EL 4th & 5th

    Current 9th through 12th

    Advanced Math open to grades 7 & 8

    PK-12th Special Education Students


    Reading Remediation

     Core Curriculum and Norman Net

    IEP Goals


    Health Asst




    Student Days and Hours


    June 3-27 (Mon - Thurs)

    8am - 12pm

    June 3-27 (Mon - Fri)

    June 28 - July 26 (Mon - Fri)

    No school: Thurs & Fri, July 4 and 5

    8am - 12pm

     June 11-20

    July 9-18

    ES:  8am - 11:45am

    MS & HS: 8am - 11:45am





    Drop off:  7:45am

    Pick up:  11:37 - 11:45am

    Buses split between Adams & NNHS 


    Breakfast and Lunch

    Breakfast and Lunch

    Breakfast and Lunch


    For questions, please contact Dr. Shirley Simmons, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at 405-366-0589 or email