Advanced Placement

  • You might think that AP classes are tough, and you might be right. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t up to the task. If you are willing to work hard, you'll find that the qualities you use in other parts of your life can help you achieve your goals. AP brings the college experience to your high school with the opportunity to earn college credit at thousands of universities. More students are ready for AP than you’d think. Roll up your sleeves and find out what AP can do for you. All Advanced Placement courses in Norman Public Schools are available for any student who has successfully completed the pre-requisite course requirements. Please see your counselor if you are interested in enrolling in AP courses.


AEGIS Course Information

  • Aegis Course Information

    AEGIS English (NHS & NN)

    Aegis English is a two-year course in which students hone both their argumentative and creative writing skills, building towards college-level responses to a diverse array of contemporary and classic literature. Students engage in bibliographic and other literary research projects, personal essays, and creative writing in the genres of drama, poetry, and short fiction. Many students excel on both the AP Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition tests at the end of the two years.


    AEGIS Math (NHS only)

    AEGIS Math is a two-year course in which students learn advanced mathematics including but not limited to AP Calculus BC topics. The course covers these calculus topics at a deeper level which includes more application, deriving formulas, and formal proofs than the AP course. We also cover other math topics like proofs, matrices, combinatorics, set theory and logic, as well as calculus beyond the AP exam. Most students take the AP Calculus BC exam after their second year.


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    Dr. Kristi Gray

    Director of Advanced Placement and Gifted/Talented Programs