What is iTech?

  • What is iTech?

    • Closes the digital divide
    • Provides MacBook laptops for all secondary students
    • Infuses elementary schools with additional Apple devices
    • Promotes 21st-century readiness
    • Expands educational opportunities
    • Provides MacBook laptops for every teacher
    • Enhances project-based learning
    • Extends learning beyond the classroom
    • Improves opportunities to innovate and collaborate 

    Why iTech?

    At Norman Public Schools, we know our students are tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers. It is our responsibility to meet their needs in their quest for knowledge and provide a level playing field for all students. To best prepare our students for what's ahead, we must adapt our instructional approach.

    Consider this: In the past, students attended school because that’s where information was found. Today, technology has made information accessible anytime, anywhere and offers vast educational resources for learners.

    That’s why we are investing more than $16 million in student-led technology and the infrastructure needed to support it. The iTech initiative will ensure students from all socioeconomic backgrounds have equitable access to the most sophisticated technology we can provide.

    The technological tools we implement will supplement curriculum, enhance student engagement and extend learning beyond the classroom. Students will have countless opportunities to demonstrate innovation, creativity and collaboration - key skills needed to thrive in any college or career environment.