• Attendance Matters. 

    Consistent attendance is a critical component of learning and student achievement. We know and understand there are situations in which a student may need to miss school. When students are at school, we can better provide more resources, and it is important for our teachers to have the opportunity to provide consistent instruction with all students. 

    Below you will find some common attendance terms and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact your school.

    Any day your student(s) will not be in attendance, please be sure to let your school know by emailing or calling the site's attendance secretary.



Confirmed Absences vs. Unconfirmed Absences

  • Confirmed Absences vs. Unconfirmed Absences

    In Norman Public Schools, when discussing absences we use the terms confirmed (previously excused) or unconfirmed (previously unexcused). 

    • Confirmed is defined as “a parent/guardian has notified the school of the reason why the student is absent.”
    • Unconfirmed is defined as “no contact by parent/guardian and school does not know why the student is absent.” 

    Please note that in the Parent Portal, the terms excused and unexcused are still in use because those are embedded in the program and cannot be changed.


Common Attendance Terms and FAQs

  • Chronic Absence vs. Truancy

  • Attendance Letters

  • Check Your Student’s Attendance

  • Activity Absences

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