Family Engagement

Family Engagement
  • Norman Public Schools is dedicated to fostering strong connections and engagement among families, schools, the District, and the community. Our commitment lies in creating a secure and nurturing environment for all students, where academic achievement and social development thrive.

    Schools aim to cultivate meaningful partnerships with families by focusing on three key pillars:

    1. Communication: Establishing effective two-way communication channels between families and educators is vital. This means providing various means for families and teachers to receive and discuss information about students' progress, both inside and outside the school environment.

    2. Community: Building strong relationships within the school community is essential. Every member should feel valued, knowing they contribute significantly to students' academic achievements and overall well-being.

    3. Connecting Learning at Home and School: Families are essential partners in understanding and addressing their child's needs. It's crucial for parents to be aware of their child's progress in school and understand how they can support their learning and development at home. This connection between home and school learning is key to student success.


    For more, contact the NPS Family Engagement Coordinator, Carla Atkinson at 405-573-3502 or by email.