Frequently Asked Questions:


    Schedule corrections: Counselors do schedule changes ONLY for students enrolled in the wrong class or who have an incomplete schedule. No schedule changes will be made for teacher or course preferences.  


    Student IDs: IDs must be accessible by a student at all times during the school day, every day. If the first 2 IDs that were provided are lost, stolen or destroyed, each subsequent ID will cost the student $5. 


    Student Athletic Pass: Students must have their ID present to show the barcode, which will also serve as an athletic pass allowing them into ALL HOME games at no further charge, not including Crosstown Class games or playoffs.


    Parking: Sophomore thru Senior students are available to park on campus. Freshmen students May Not park on campus. Students must purchase a parking permit ($30) from the financial secretary, Susan Tipps. Permit must be displayed by hanging on the back of your rearview mirror. 


    Freshman Lunch: Lunch is a closed campus for Freshmen students. Students are released to the cafeteria commons only.  Freshmen students may only leave campus during lunch if checked out through the school office, which may be done so by phone. Please ask for the freshmen attendance secretary. 


    Lockers: Pick out the location & locker number you would like, then go see your attendance secretary for a locker form. Fill out the form by writing down the location, locker number, & your combination. This must be done before you place your lock on a locker. Please remember your locker number.


    Textbooks: Books are issued and checked out through a computer barcode system. The student is solely responsible for the book once it’s been assigned to them. If lost or stolen, the student is responsible for the cost of replacing the book. 


    Test/Homework Center: Located in S209, the testing and homework center will be open Monday from  4:05-5:30pm and by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday. Look for QR code to schedule your appointment. Students absent on the day a test is given must make up the test within 3 days of the absence unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher. 


    Handbooks: Student handbooks will be reviewed during Advisory classes and available online for all students. Any new student starting after the review of the handbook, will sign for the handbook and be given links and instructions of where to find it. Students are responsible for reading and following the rules as printed.  Advisory teachers will go over certain ‘high points’ during the first Advisory (homeroom) class in the first few Advisory classes.  


    Food Pantry: If you or a family you know are in need of food assistance, please contact the school office to be put in touch with Mo Crook of the Assistance League who can also help with clothing.