Summer Enrichment

NPS SPLASH High School Enrichment Opportunities


  • We are pleased to communicate a new summer enrichment opportunity in an effort to keep all of our students growing and engaged with the core content areas. NPS S.P.L.A.S.H., Summer Practice and Learning at School and Home, is a free enrichment opportunity for all students. Information and content material is available through the NPS Website at

    In addition to the enrichment opportunity, all students at the Secondary Level will be automatically enrolled in a “NPS SPLASH: Accelerate to” course through the Edmentum App. These are self paced courses that provide instruction and practice to help prepare students for their next Math and English course. This is not required summer work as there is no grade or teacher assigned to this course. It is simply an opportunity for remediation, retention or acceleration on topics your child was taught this year to be sure they are ready for their next math/english class. The classes are available May 3rd and will remain open until July 30th.

    Student’s course enrollment is based on their grade level or based on the math class they will be enrolled in for the 2021-2022 school year. In general,

    Current 6th graders: NPS SPLASH - 6th Grade Math and 6th Grade ELA

    Current 7th graders: NPS SPLASH - 7th Grade Math and 7th Grade ELA

    Current 8th graders: NPS SPLASH - Accelerate to Algebra 1 and Accelerate to English I

    Current 9th graders: NPS SPLASH - Accelerate to Geometry and Accelerate to English II

    Current 10th graders: NPS SPLASH - Accelerate to Algebra II and Accelerate to English III

    Current 11th graders: NPS SPLASH - Accelerate to English IV


    Students simply go to, log in, and click on the Edmentum App.

    Then, the above courses will appear on their dashboard automatically.