Diversity Enrichment Council

  • In 2016, the district created a task force to focus on improving the climate and culture of our schools. The task force, which included a variety of internal and external stakeholders, made specific recommendations to district leaders with the goal of improving diversity across the district. The Diversity Enrichment Council was created to review the recommendations and develop a district-wide diversity and inclusiveness plan.

    The Council’s goal is to take actionable steps to increase cultural diversity within the Norman Public Schools leadership, teaching and support staff. Through the Council's guidance, we strive to uphold our district value of inclusiveness and empower everyone to have a voice to influence change. 

    At Norman Public Schools, we are dedicated to preparing students for real-world experiences. Those experiences must include exposing students to a climate and culture where we value the unique backgrounds and perspectives of all of our students - including those in underrepresented groups.

    Members of the Council include personnel within Norman Public School District and community stakeholders who are ethnically and culturally diverse. As the initiative grows and evolves, Council members will expand their work to include other aspects of diversity. 

    The Diversity Enrichment Council’s areas of focus include:

    • Professional Development: Providing ongoing support for Board of Education, Superintendent’s Cabinet, district and site administration, teachers and support staff in the areas of unconscious bias, cultural competency and awareness among other areas.
    • Marketing / Recruitment: Working on ways to recruit and retain teachers from diverse backgrounds and ensuring that our district marketing truly reflects the students we serve.
    • Inclusiveness / Equity: Support district with creating and implementing strategies and plans that focus on inclusivity and equity for all.

Purpose Statement

  • The Council's goal is to increase cultural diversity and awareness within the Norman Public Schools community through actionable recommendations that recognize, educate and value the importance of equity. We strive to uphold our district values - specifically inclusiveness - as we advocate for, listen to and empower people of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds as they freely express their opinions, points of view and who they are to benefit overall student success.

  • Diversity Council Members

Council Members

Council Members
Stephanie Williams
Dr. Nick Migliorino - Superintendent
Dirk O'Hara - Board of Education President
Dr. Dan Snell - Board of Education Member
Lorenzo Alferos
Cornelia Bass
Taylor Crayton
Tarek Dina
Jacqueline Epps
Rose Fletcher
Clinette Franks
Ida Fryhover
Neelon Greenwood
Lucyann Harjo
John Huynh
Kimberlee Johnson
Adriana Knight
Catherine Miller
Tyler Overton
Carrie Perez
Juan Renteria
Yves Saintelo
Tusa Scraper
Makenzie Toma
Christel Wesley
Cedric McClendon