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Freshman Academy Update

  • It's already time for 2023-2024 enrollment! Our counselors will be meeting with freshman students on March 8th and 9th during English classes to enroll students.

    As we've had some families express interest in understanding some of the various course options, below you will find a description of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, versus Concurrent courses.


    Advanced Placement

    The AP Program allows students to take college level courses, earning high school credit and potentially, college credit, by earning a certain score on their AP exam Generally this is regarded as the more academic focused option.

    GPA/ Rank- AP courses count as a 5.0

    AP classes are graded on a combination of assignments, projects, and tests. The end-of-year AP exam is optional, but encouraged. Most AP teachers require a final exam for students to opt not to take the AP exam. These courses are audited by the College Board before they can earn AP designation. Generally these courses offer a more rigorous curricula. AP courses are taught by a high school teacher and take place on the NHS campus. Lastly, AP courses are free, except for the end-of-year AP exam fee.


    Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent enrollment allows students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit by passing courses through OU or OCCC. Generally, this option is the more career-focused option.

    GPA/Rank- Concurrent courses earn the following:

    A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0

    Concurrent classes are graded on a combination of assignments, projects, and tests. Usually the course ends with a final exam. The rigor of the course is determined by the professor, and there is generally no standardized curricula. The student must pass the course to get college credit. Concurrent courses are taught by an OU or OCCC instructor. Some of these courses are held on the NHS campus, while others are taught at OU or OCCC, as well as online. Tuition waivers are available to juniors and seniors for up to 18 credit hours. The high school student is responsible for paying for course fees, which are approximately $150-$240 per 3 credit course, depending on the school.

    * Students are not eligible to enroll in Concurrent Courses until their junior year. This is the same for students that are interested in taking courses through the VoTech.


    Also, if your student did not enroll in a foreign language and is college bound, please talk to them about enrolling for the next school year. College bound students are required to take two years of a foreign language.

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