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Save the Date!

  • NNHS Graduation will take place on Friday, May 24 at 7:00 pm at the Lloyd Noble Center!


    Thursday, Oct 25th @ 10:00 -- Jostens Meet with Seniors for Grad product and Cap & Gown presentation and to pass out ordering information.

    Wednesday, October 31st @ 10:00-1:30 -- Take Senior Orders



Dress Code & Expectations

    • Logistics:

      • For practice and graduation, all seniors will enter from the South ramp.  Lloyd Noble has wheelchair access, for students, by entering on the east side, going to the elevator on the south and then to the floor.

    • Dress code:  

      • Male students should wear long, dark colored pants, a shirt with a collar and preferably a tie. All male students should wear regular dress shoes with dark socks.  
      • Female students should wear a dress or long pants and a blouse.
      • Tennis shoes and flip-flops are not appropriate
      • Decoration of the cap and gown will not be allowed.  Cultural or religious dress is allowed only under the cap and gown.

    • Expectations:

      • Signs or banners of any description are not allowed at the Lloyd Noble Center.
      • Students who have consumed or possess any drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to participate, as stated in school policy.
      • Students are not to carry anything, including purses, cameras, sunglasses and flowers.
      • Participation in commencement is a school activity.  Inappropriate behaviors during the last few weeks of school may result in the loss of the privilege of participating in the commencement ceremony.
      • Students involved in inappropriate behavior during commencement exercises will be removed from the commencement ceremony.

    • Practice and Picnic:

      • Graduation Practice will take place on Thursday, May 24th from 10:00 - 11:30 AM  at Lloyd Noble Center All graduates are required to attend practice.
      • Senior Picnic immediately following practice at Andrew’s Park, weather permitting.  An alternative rain out location will be announced if it becomes necessary.
      • Picnic is provided for Seniors by NNHS and the Norman Community.

    • Parents, Friends, and Relatives:

      • Lloyd Noble Center does not allow noisemakers, air horns, balloons, silly string, signs, food or drinks.  All purses and bags will be checked at the entrance. A sign language interpreter will be located at the Lower Level Section 3 (LS3).  Wheelchair access is located on the East side. Enter and go around to the elevators and to the middle level.  Because of the number of students and large amount of equipment on the floor, parents and guest will not be allowed on the arena floor to take pictures before, during or after the event.  The “Sooner Vision” department will provide video projection of the ceremony on the jumbotron screen.

      • The graduation ceremony will be broadcast several times on Norman Public School’s cable Channel 18 in the days following.  Families are encouraged to record the ceremony from Channel 18 in the days following. If you would like the Video Resources Center to make a copy for you, mail a $10.00 check to the Video Resources Center, 911 West Main, Norman, OK 73069.  For more information, you may contact the Video Resources Center at 366-5821. Pictures will be taken by Party Pics.

You Should Know...

    • September 11th - Senior Formals:
      • Gentlemen must wear a button down shirt with a tie.
      • Ladies must wear a V-neck(or low cut) top that will not be seen under the gown in the photo
      • As always, these items are provided by OSP on Senior Portrait Day for students to wear for their portraits. 
      • For underclass portraits, any student wearing a top that does not meet the dress code requirements for NNHS will be given the option to change or cover said top.  Any student who REFUSES to follow the dress code will not be photographed.

    • Thursday, Oct 25th
      • 10:00-Jostens Meet with Seniors for Grad product and Cap & Gown presentation and to pass out ordering information.

    • Wednesday, October 31st
      • 10:00-1:30-Take Senior Orders