Energy Conservation Program

  • The Norman Public Schools Board of Education embraces energy conservation and believes that it is our shared responsibility to conserve energy and natural resources while exercising sound financial management. To this end, in 2010 the Board of Education adopted an energy conservation policy in an effort to manage the District's energy resources.

    Since the inception of the program, Norman Public Schools has realized a cost avoidance of $3,025,961 (17.2 percent), including a monthly cost avoidance of $46,394 through January 2020. 

    The District has accomplished this despite adding an additional 279,972 square feet of real estate (11.7%) during that span.


    11.7% and 17.2% Increase with Up Arrows



    To ensure the success of this policy the following areas are emphasized:

    • Conduct periodic energy audits with feedback to the faculty and staff of a site. 
    • All personnel at each campus are expected to make positive contributions to maximize energy conservation and produce real energy savings. 
    • The energy education specialist will implement the District's energy program in accordance with the district "Energy Guidelines".
    • Accurate records of energy consumption and cost will be maintained by the energy education specialist to provide verifiable performance results on the goals and progress of the program. 

    The goal of the energy conservation program is to make good use of our resources while providing students a safe and comfortable environment in which to study and grow. 

    Keeping the preceding in mind, each of us has the shared responsibility to use our resources wisely and efficiently. This responsibility makes it essential that energy conservation be practiced in all phases of energy use. Air conditioning, heating and lights typically account for 70 to 80 percent of the energy consumed in the District, therefore, it is especially critical that the guidelines be adhered to when operating air conditioning and heating equipment and when using lights. 

    Each employee of the District will be responsible for implementing these guidelines in his/her respective areas. The principal will be responsible for the total energy usage of his/her building. The energy specialist will provide the principal monthly information reflecting the energy consumption of his/her site. 

    Any exceptions or changes to these guidelines must be approved by the Chief Operating Officer (Justin Milner) or the District Energy Specialist (Jerry Privett). 

    Please remember that each of us have the shared responsibility to use our resources wisely. By doing so we will be able to maximize our energy dollar and provide our students with the best possible learning environment. 

2020 Energy Report

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