2021 Stuco Officers

  • BIG 5

    President: Yuna Jang

    Vice President: Quinn Swatek

    Secretary: Chloe McPherson

    Treasurer: Max Bass

    Historian: Lilleean Quiros


    Sophomore to Be:
    Brennan Burress
    Willa Madsen
    Nora Morrow
    Irie Rogers

    Junior to Be:
    Aspen Osgood
    Harrison Powers
    Katie Sumter
    Olivia Tedesco

    Senior to Be:
    Addysen Lindsey
    (3 positions to be appointed—see ms. Brockman in 513 for an application) 

2020 STUCO Officers

  • BIG 5

    President: Cici McDonald 

    Vice President: Harrison Roth 

    Secretary: Hallee Burress 

    Treasurer: Porter Jarlsberg 

    Historian: Olivia Hayes

2019 National Gold Council of Excellence