• This year, LMS will be adopting the use of PRIDE cards as part of the school’s PBIS initiative to model appropriate behavior. Students will be issued their PRIDE card at the beginning of the year that will permit them certain liberties throughout the school. The objective of this program is to foster student personal responsibility, facilitate communication with authority figures and peers, and improve the culture of respect at Longfellow Middle School.

    Students at Longfellow are expected to exemplify purpose, respect, integrity, dedication, and effort. It is the expectation that you will bring and wear your PRIDE card while at school and school sponsored activities.

    The privileges associated with the PRIDE card come from physically wearing it via a lanyard around your neck. If you forget your PRIDE card at home, you will not benefit from the privileges it affords that day. These may range from being permitted use of personal electronics in specific classrooms or school wide celebrations.

    The Pride Card initiative is part of Longfellow’s overall PBIS program to promote a positive school climate. Its rights and responsibilities are afforded every student equally upon enrolling in the school. Procedures related to the Pride Card are established here as well as in the discipline matrix as a form of restorative justice. Students will receive up to two free Pride Cards and a lanyard throughout the year. If the Pride Card is lost and those have been issued, there will be a small fee along with a procedure to receive a third card.

    Students who forfeit their PRIDE card to a staff member are expected to approach the staff member to start a restorative conversation at an appropriate time. The goal of this conversation is to establish what efforts are necessary to address the behavior that resulted in the forfeiture of the PRIDE card, how to recover their privileges, and allowing students ownership of their behavior. Without their Pride card, students forfeit their privileges throughout the entire building.

    As with any minor behavior infractions, students will be given verbal warning and reminded that their choice to continue with their misbehavior puts them at risk of forfeiting their Pride Card. If the student chooses to continue, they may be asked privately to forfeit their Pride Card to a member of the staff. It is then the student’s responsibility to initiate a conversation at an appropriate time with that staff member to come to an agreement about how to earn back their privileges and PRIDE card. As this is a restorative conversation, each instance may have unique resolutions as the task prescribed to restore the community that was harmed may be different depending on what student actions lead to the forfeiture.

    Once a student earns back their Pride Card, they earn back the privileges and responsibilities. If a student does not attempt to earn their Pride Card back, teachers will discuss solutions in learner success meetings. After 10 days, a referral to a counselor or administrator may be written.