• Q: What is Dimensions Academy?

    A: We are the Alternative School for Norman Public Schools. Dimensions Academy can serve approximately 70 high school students on the north side of main street and 50 K-8th grade students on the south side of Main Street.


    Q: I understand there is an application process for admission to Dimensions Academy. Where do I find that application?

    A: The application for high school students can be accessed here.


    Q: How do I enroll my student in Dimensions Academy?

    A: Enrollment for Dimensions North:

         High school admission is an application process and you can get the application from your school counselor, contact us or here.

    A: Enrollment for Dimensions South:

         Enrollment is a referral from the NPS Primary school site administrator or counselor. 


    Q: Is there a waitlist?

    A: Sometimes, yes. When a student is being considered for enrollment, we will contact you and schedule an interview appointment. All students are interviewed prior to enrollment.


    Q: What kind of students attend Dimensions Academy?

    A: Most students who attend Dimensions Academy are here by choice. Our students attend for many different reasons.


    Q: Do you accept suspended students?

    A: Suspended students can apply along with other applicants.


    Q: Do you accept students from other districts?

    A: No.


    Q: Can students who are behind in academics earn enough credits to graduate on schedule?

    A: It depends on how many credits the student needs. We provide an accelerated program, which allows students to earn additional credits each semester.


    Q: Will my diploma be from Dimensions Academy?

    A: Dimensions holds a graduation ceremony but students can also attend their home high school graduation.


    Q: Can I participate in athletics or music at my high school while at Dimensions Academy?

    A: We have some students who have participated in athletics/music while attending Dimensions.


    Q: Do you provide transportation?

    A: Yes.


    Q: Do you have a lunch program?

    A: Yes.


    Q: Do you have the same holidays and days off as other Norman Public Schools?

    A: Yes.