• Traffic Flow


    All students that are dropped off by cars or walk to school enter the school through the front(north) doors. All bus riders enter the building through back(south) doors. 6th grade students will report to the 6th grade hallway. 7th grade students will report to the 7th grade hallway. 8th grade students will report to the 8th grade hallway. When the bell rings at 8:30, they will be released to report to 1st hour. Students may not leave campus once they arrive in the morning. Teachers are not on duty to supervise students until 8:10am.  Students that arrive to school earlier are to enter the building through the front doors and go directly to their designated hallway.


    Classes are dismissed at 3:40 p.m. Students should leave the building and grounds as quickly as possible.  Once off campus, students should go directly home and not return to campus.  Students waiting on buses or parents may not leave campus and return.