About the Academy

  • Aviation Academy

    Norman Public Schools has announced a comprehensive STEAM academy themed around aviation and aerospace. 

    Working with the University of Oklahoma, Moore Norman Technology Center and industry partners from both the public and private sectors, NPS will capitalize on Norman’s geographic location and rich history in flight to create a program for high school students. Starting with an inaugural freshman class and  with a vision to become a stand alone academy, students will engage in an STEAM-focused curriculum with an emphasis on aviation and aerospace. 

    Students will also have opportunities for ancillary hands-on career and industry experiences that will transform the traditional education environment to authentically connect student learning to high-tech industry readiness. NPS is committed to providing this opportunity to all students and ensuring that enrollment in the program mirrors the demographic and socioeconomic makeup of our district as a whole.

    Already a national leader in the industry, Oklahoma has a critical demand for highly skilled and trained workforce, yet ranks near the bottom nationally in terms of STEAM education. This program will provide industry-connected education pathways for Oklahoma students to connect directly with higher education, career tech, and industry partners, ensuring career readiness in the high-demand areas of aviation and aerospace. Norman Public School is proud to partner with so many leading institutions to help grow Oklahoma’s already robust aviation and aerospace economy and work toward cementing its place as a premier destination for industry leaders.


  • To establish a transformational academy blending cutting edge STEAM experiences, innovative industry connections and world-class academics against a backdrop of aviation and aerospace. Additionally, we will guide students and ourselves in the development of a culture of excellence that promotes the intellectual, moral, civic and performance virtues. This will occur through the exposure to learning experiences designed to foster deep thinking and cultivate the critical skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. As students are empowered to take control of their personal journey toward a life of meaning and purpose, they will push toward the furthest boundaries of their potential.

Student Flight Plans

    • Flight: Students can graduate with a private pilot license and two years of complete coursework toward their bachelor's degree in aviation, as well as certifications in UAS (drones).
    • Technical Degree: In partnership with Moore Norman Technology Center, students can graduate with an industry certification as an aviation maintenance technician (airframe and powerplant) prepared to enter the high demand field of aviation maintenance. 
    • Computer Science: Students can complete a myriad of options in the field of computer science, gaining experience and expertise that is in demand in nearly all professional fields.
    • Engineering: Students can complete multiple semesters worth of coursework that will directly transfer as college credit.
    • College Credit: Students can complete multiple semesters' worth of coursework in a wide variety of chosen fields, earning transferable credits to partner universities, colleges, or technical schools. The Aviation Academy's academic program is the ideal platform for entering the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering or the School of Aviation Studies at the University of Oklahoma.


  • When will this program begin?

  • Why aviation?

  • What types of certifications will students be able to earn?

  • Will other areas of study be offered outside aviation?

  • What curriculum will be used?

  • How can I get involved?

  • Where will the academy be located?

  • Who is eligible for enrollment?



  • Norman Aviation Academy is made possible through the geneorsity and contributions of our great community partners.

    • OU College of Aviation
    • Sooner Flight Academy
    • ACORN
    • OU College of Engineering
    • Moore Norman Technology Center
    • AOPA Curriculum


  • Specific critical skills we seek to cultivate:

    • Discover passions and purpose
    • Critical thinking and problem-solving
    • Collaboration across networks
    • Agility, adaptibility and resilience
    • Initiative and entrepreneurship
    • Effective oral, written and multimedia communication
    • Accessing and analyzing information
    • Curiosity and imagination