Diversity & Equity Council

About the Council

  • Members of the council include personnel within Norman Public School District and community stakeholders who represent many aspects of diversity. The goal of the Diversity and Equity Council is to provide feedback and create recommendations and actionable steps that help the district grow and implement strategies and practices where we are pursuing excellence through equity focused on creating a climate where all members feel valued, respected and have a sense of belonging.

    Belief Statements: 

    • We believe our school community should be a safe and welcoming environment that supports learning for all students and has a demonstrated commitment to diversity.
    • We believe in appreciating, embracing and respecting each other through continuous educational opportunities for all students and staff.
    • We believe all students will learn and be successful when provided access to equitable supports. 
    • We believe in meeting the needs of a growing and diverse student population and understand that by valuing and supporting our multicultural and multilingual students and their families, students will be more successful.
    • We believe in an intentionally and purposeful inclusive curriculum, instruction and assessment that is learner-centered and based on high standards and expectations as a demonstration of our commitment to helping students see themselves represented.
    • We believe in promoting positive self-esteem, self-discipline, and mutual respect that creates a space of vulnerability where students feel socially and emotionally comfortable and can engage in classrooms well. 
    • We believe that students, teachers, parents and community members must be active partners and have shared accountability in order to enhance, promote understanding and achieve academic excellence.
    • We believe the intentional affirmative recruitment and retention of a diverse and culturally competent faculty and staff is essential for meeting the needs of all our students. 
    • We believe that District policies and procedures must support our ability to achieve our diversity and equity goals.

Site Equity Champions

  • Each site will have a lead equity champion who serves on the Diversity & Equity Council. The equity champion serves as a professional staff member within the building tasked with the additional role to work collaboratively with their site-leadership to create and sustain a learning environment that supports equity and diversity through the development of staff, enhancement of academic and personal supports for ALL students, and the promotion of cultural enrichment and commitment to inclusion.

  • 2021 Diversity Equity Council

Diversity & Equity Council Members

Council Members
Stephanie Williams - Chair
Dr. Dan Snell- Board of Education President
Dr. Nick Migliorino - Superintendent
Christel Wesley
Rowdy Washburn
Mikella Stanton
Stephanie Peters
Jordan Taylor
Taylor Crayton
Nicole Marema
Missy Smith
Jacqueline Epps
Sachi Hocker
Norma Ting
Lindsey Sharp
Hanna Harrison
Juan Renteria
Denise Massey
Trevor Graham
Francisca Jensen
Tusa Scraper
Ellen Kraft
Myles Simpson
Clinette Franks
Carrie Perez
Chase Lawson
Liz Hoggatt
Jacob Gonzales
Meghan Williams
Lucyann Harjo
Sarah Seymore
Angela Beyer
Janet Gorton
Kevin Benda
Mitzi Labrie
Ida Fryhover
Norman North student rep
Norman High student rep
Dimensions student rep