High School Credit Recovery

  • The NPS Credit Recovery Summer School Program is offered to currently enrolled NPS students in grades 9- 12 who have failed a course and need to make up the credit. Teachers will supervise and facilitate individual tutoring and small group instruction as students use Odysseyware to complete their coursework.

    Credit Recovery 

    (9th - 12th grade)

    Location: Norman North 

    Principals: Paul Tryggestad, Evelyn Kwanza, Amber Pennell

    Format: Hybrid 

    Dates: June 5 - July 28 (M - Th)

    Cost: Free


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Credit Advancement

  • NPS Credit Advancement is provided through the Norman Public School District's ExpandED online program. The accelerated online program that will allow students to test out of material that has already been mastered. This program is for students seeking original credit to get ahead in their coursework. The program is offered using the Edgenuity platform and is monitored by a counselor and/or principal. A wide variety of core courses and electives are offered. Contact your school principal or counselor with specific questions regarding summer school.

    Credit Advancement 

    (7th - 11th grade - some prerequisites)

    Online Platform: Imagine Learning

    Principal: Kevin Hogan
    Dates:  Begins June 5

    Cost: Tuition Based


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    Available Courses for ExpandED Credit Advancement:

    Students may enroll in one-semester course in June and one-semester course in July. Upon completion of the first-semester course, students may begin their next semester course.

    CP English 1 (semester 1 & 2)
    CP English 2 (semester 1 & 2)
    CP English 3 (semester 1 & 2)
    CP English 4 (semester 1 & 2)
    Algebra 1 (semester 1 & 2)
    Geometry (semester 1 & 2)
    Algebra 2 (semester 1 & 2)
    Pre-Calculus (semester 1 & 2)
    CP Physical Science (semester 1 & 2)
    CP Biology (semester 1 & 2)
    Chemistry (semester 1 & 2)
    Physics (semester 1 & 2)
    Earth and Space Science (semester 1 & 2)
    Environmental Science (semester 1 & 2)
    Oklahoma History (1 semester only)
    World History (semester 1 & 2)
    US History (semester 1 & 2)
    Government (1 semester only w/ PFL)
    Economics (1 semester only)
    Statistics (semester 1 & 2)
    Computer Applications (semester 1 & 2)
    Contemporary Health (1 semester only)
    Art History A (1 semester) FINE ARTS CREDIT
    Art History B (1 semester) FINE ARTS CREDIT
    Intro to Art A (1 semester) FINE ARTS CREDIT
    Intro to Art B (1 semester) FINE ARTS CREDIT