• Foster Care Point of Contact:  Dana Morris, Director of Federal Programs 

    405-366-5868, dmorris@normanps.org

    In Section 1111(c)(5) of ESSA, the school district must collaborate with the Child Welfare Agency and Tribal Child Welfare Agencies (CWA) to implement the Title I educational stability provisions. Therefore, each school district shall develop a clear, written Foster Care Plan. 

    • LEA Point of Contact and responsibilities.  

    The Director of Federal Programs will serve as the Foster Care Point of Contact (POC). The POC will work in the best interest of the child to ensure that all educational requirements are being met.

    The POC will work closely with the CWA to:

    • Coordinate with the corresponding child welfare agency POC to implement Title I provisions;  
    • Lead the development of a process for making the best interest determination;
    • Document the best interest determination;
    • Facilitate the transfer of records and immediate enrollment;
    • Facilitate data sharing with the child welfare agencies, consistent with FERPA and other privacy protocols;
    • Develop and coordinate local transportation procedures;
    • Manage best interest determinations and transportation cost disputes;
    • Ensure that children in foster care are enrolled in and regularly attending school