Step 3: Document Upload

  • STEP 3: Document Upload

    Step 3 must be completed once for each school you have students attending.  For example, if you have two students at Adams, one student at Whittier, and one student at Norman North, you will complete Step 3 three (3) times.  Once for two students at Adams, once for 1 student at Whittier, and once for one student at Norman North.

    Please gather the documents listed and upload by clicking the button below.

    Documents may be submitted as PDFs or photos. 

    Using a smartphone or tablet:
    1: Place your document on a flat surface
    2: Hold your phone or tablet over the document and take a picture
    If completing online enrollment on a PC or laptop: 
    3: Using your phone or tablet, email the picture to your own email address and then save it on your PC or laptop desktop.
    4: On the upload section of the online enrollment, click browse and find your picture and click open 

    Upload Documents

    For maximum protection, DocuWare uses 256-bit key length for encryption with AES, the same level of security used by most banks and also approved by the US government to use for documents with the highest security clearance level.

    • Online Registration Application ID Number (received in your auto-reply email) 
    • Parent/guardian driver’s license or government issued with photo ID
    • Proof of residence document (One of the following required for all households):
      • utility bill (gas, water, or electric)
      • current lease/rental agreement
      • purchase statement
      • affidavit of residence** 
    • Immunization record (new students or returning students with updated immunizations since 8/19)
    • Birth certificate (new students only)
    • High school transcript (new HS only)
    • IEP or 504 (if applicable, new students only)
    • Legal Documents [court certified copies] – (current divorce decree, custody agreement, guardianship, etc.)

    **If you need an Affidavit of Residence, please call Student Services at (405) 366-5844 or (405) 573-3501 to schedule an in-person* appointment.

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