Manage your absences, time and attendance

  • Please follow the steps below to submit or manage your absences, time and attendance:

    1. Read all of these steps before signing in.
    2. Click here to sign in to the absence management software (Frontline Education).
    3. Select "Absence Management."
    4. IMPORTANT: Select "Sign in with Organization SSO" (see image below).
    5. Enter your NPS email address, then click "look up organization sign-in page."
    6. You may be asked to sign in to Microsoft. If so, enter your NPS credentials. 
    7. Click here for further instructions.

    Screenshot of sign-in, directions on where to click.

    No computer? No problem: 

    • Download the mobile app by searching "Frontline Education" in the app store. Click here for instructions.
    • Manage your absences by phone at 1-800-942-3767. 
      • You'll be prompted to enter your ID and pin number
      • Create an absence (within next 30 days): Press 1
      • REview upcoming absences: Press 3
      • Review a specific absence: Press 4
      • Review or change your personal information: Press 5
      • *If you create an absence over the phone, please note the confirmation number the system assigns the new absence.