• Please use one of the following steps to log in to view your student's online materials:


    If your student is in grades K-5, they are using Everyday Math (4th edition), a McGraw-Hill product.  Students can log into their ConnectEd portal at https://my.mheducation.com/login?logout=true

    • Username:  NPS Student email address (flastname@student.norman.k12.ok.us)
    • Password:  FLyyyymmdd (First Initial, Last Initial, Birthdate)
    • Special Note for younger students:  your child’s teacher may have opted to use a simpler login scheme for their class.  Look for instructions from the teacher early in the year for using it!


    If your student is in 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, Pre-Algebra (8th Grade Math), Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2, they are using Big Ideas Math (Oklahoma edition).  Students can log into their Big Ideas account at https://www.bigideasmath.com/BIM/login.  At this page, students should click “Log in with Clever”.


    If your student is taking Intermediate Algebra or Algebra 3, they are using texts from Pearson and the online portal called MathXL for School at http://mathxlforschool.com/home_school.htm

    • Students can register for an account here using the access code they were provided by their teacher.  
    • If they have already registered, they can log in using the username and password they chose.  It is recommended that students register using their NPS email address.


    If your student is taking PreCalculus or an AP course, they are using texts from Cengage and an online portal called WebAssign at http://webassign.net/

    • Students join a class by entering the class key provided by their teacher at the top of the screen; this will also require them to create an account.
    • Students then log in using the username and password they chose.  It is recommended that students register using their NPS email address.


    In addition, I want to share with you how technology, textbooks, and written assignments are being used for teaching and learning in math. Below are some district baseline expectations for our mathematics classrooms. These may help you have deeper conversations about school work, homework, and/or technology use when you are assisting your child with math at home.

    We expect that:

    • Students have access to hard copies of the text in addition to technology. Textbooks are always available to students while they are in class. Additionally, we have a procedure in place if you or your student would like to check out a text for use at home.  If you need to request a hard copy of a student textbook, please contact me or the principal for more information about the checkout procedure.

    • Students provide written work in addition to work done online.  It is essential for mathematics teachers to look at written work completed by our students. Written work provides us with critical information regarding what a student knows. It also pinpoints where additional instruction or additional practice on a standard may be needed.  Students in any math courses should be completing written work for their teachers to review weekly. Sometimes this work is done during class time, and sometimes it is a practice assignment completed outside of class. Either way, teachers analyze the written work, review the student's problem-solving steps, and provide important feedback on the learning process. While we are utilizing technology tools to enhance math instruction and to provide students with authentic ways of applying their knowledge, written work is still essential and expected in any math course at all schools in our district.

    Thank you!
    Melissa Gunter, Ph.D.
    Math Coordinator