• Sharon Heatly received the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Oklahoma School Counselor Association
    • Sarah Kirk, Monroe Elementary, was chosen as a finalist as School Counselor of the Year by the American School Counselor Association
    • Brad Benson was given the Outstanding Administrator Award for 2018 by The Organization of American Kodaly Educators
    • Macey Stewart, Washington Elementary, received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math Teaching 
    • Emily Willet, Roosevelt Elementary, received the NexGen Under 30 award by NexGen Under 30 Oklahoma
    • Jenny Crowe, Adams Elementary, received the Rookie Coordinator of the Year award by Healthy Schools OK
    • Deanna Roach, Norman North, was named Oklahoma Foreign Language Teacher Association Teacher of the Year
    • Rob Davis, Norman High, received the Supporting K20 Innovative Educators award from the K20 Innovative Learning Institute
    • Kent Nicholson, Dimensions Academy, received the Teacher Making IT Happen award from Oklahoma Technology Association
    • Martha Rogers Pangburn, Norman High, received the Technology in Education award from Oklahoma Technology Association
    • Sally Salmons, Washington Elementary, was honored as the PDQ Teacher of the Game by PDQ Restaurant
    • Hailey Couch, Madison Elementary, received the Milken Educator Award by the Milken Family Foundation
    • The following teachers were chosen as Site Teacher of the Year: 
    Rose Fletcher - Adams Elementary   Eden Ware - Truman Elementary
    Kambra Reynolds - Cleveland Elementary   Mai Jeung - Truman Primary Elementary
    Nicole Lee - Eisenhower Elementary   Kara Karns - Washington Elementary
    Brooke Lund - Jackson Elementary   Emily Evetts - Wilson Elementary
    Jane McGill - Jefferson Elementary   Janette Nichols - Alcott Middle School
    Ashley Quate - Kennedy Elementary   Amber Mahaffey - Irving Middle School
    Jennifer Sandlin - Lakeview Elementary   Martha Griffith - Longfellow Middle School
    Kara Fleming - Lincoln Elementary   Christiona Cejda - Whittier Middle School
    Hailey Couch - Madison Elementary   Tusa Scraper - Dimension Academy
    Jamie Johnson - McKinley Elementary   Elizabeth Hoggatt - Norman High
    Catherine Buckley - Monroe Elementary   Sara Beth Newsome - Norman North
    Jenae Tindell - Reagan Elementary   Melissa Hall - Residential Facilities
    Ryen Muralt - Roosevelt Elementary    
    • Tyler Overton, traveling music teacher for Pre-K named 2019 Rookie Teacher of the Year
    • Michelle Scuccimarri, Dimensions Academy, named 2019 Special Education Teacher of the Year
    • Dr. Scott Beck, Norman High School, named 2019 High School Principal of the Year by Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals
    • Olivia Spruil, McKinley Elementary, named PDQ Teacher of the Game by PDQ Restaurant
    • The following employees were recognized as Finalists for the 2019 Lois Annesley Support Employee of the Year:
        Ronnie Becker - Lead Locksmith (Central Services)
        Ashley Carter - Licensed Practical Nurse (Health Services) - Irving Middle School
        Nancy Sebestyen - Site Support Person - Secretary at Truman Elementary School
        Lois Clubb - District Support Person - Payroll Clerk at Administrative Services
        Anna Moore - Technology Support Specialist - Technology Support Services at Norman High School
        Derald Kizzia - Bus Driver (Transportation)
    • The following employees were recognized as Finalist for the 2019 District Teacher of the Year:
        Kambra Reynolds - 2nd Grade at Cleveland Elementary
        Brooke Lund - 3rd Grade at Jackson Elementary
        Ashley Quate - Kindergarten at Kennedy Elementary
        Jennifer Sandlin - Teacher Librarian at Lakeview Elementary
        Christiona Cejda - 7th Grade ELA at Whittier Middle School
        Elizabeth Hoggatt - English, Capstone at Norman High School
    • Megan Curry received Teacher of the Year by the Division on Career and Development Transition
    • Norman North Cheer Coach, David Urmie, and Norman High Coach Matt Peck named Raising Canes/BSN Coach of the Month
    • Nancy Sebestyen, from Truman Elementary, was chosen as winner of the 2019 Lois K. Annesley Support Employee of the Year
    • Terri Curtis, Librarian at Madison Elementary, was chosen as the 2019 Polly Clarke AWard winner at the OLA Annual Conference
    • Johnnie Keel, Truman Elementary, was chosen as the recipient of the 2019 National Excellence in Teaching About Agricultural award
    • Dr. Shirley Simmons was chosen as the recipient of the 2019 American Association of School Librarians Distinguished School Administrator Award
    • Dr. Shirley Simmons was named the Oklahoma Association of School Administrators District 7 Assistant Superintendent of the Year
    • Chris Housman was named Coach of the Year at Alcott Middle School
    • Amy Balkman was named Coach of the Year at Longfellow Middle School
    • Michael Neal, Norman High School, was named USA Today's Oklahoma Coach of the Year
    • Tammy Trumble, Washington Elementary, was named Devon's STEM Teacher of the Month for OKC Energy