The Norman Public Schools Fleet

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    Norman Public Schools is proud to partner with Thomas Buses

    • Thanks to our wonderfully supportive community and the passage of the 2014 bond, 18 new buses were added to our fleet in the 2017-2018 school year. 
    • We anticipate adding an additional 16 buses by the end of the current school year.
    • We are upgrading all video systems with the new 24/7 technology.
    • We are sending 22 older, high-mileage buses to auction.
    • Bus radio systems are being upgraded to include the "Talk About" chanel to improve efficiency and communication. 
    • 98% of all buses in the active fleet will be air conditioned by October.
    • WiFi will be available in motor coach and activity buses. 


    The addition of 71 new buses will: 

    • Reduce the possibility of crowding.
    • Reduce the occurrence of breakdowns.
    • Increase route efficiencies.
    • Improve equipment utilzation factors.

Fleet Info

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    The active running fleet currently consists of:

    • 1 motor coach
    • 2 activity buses
    • 3 micro buses
    • 2 micro buses with wheelchair lift
    • 10 Wheelchair lift buses
    • 78 school buses
      • 44, 71-passenger buses
      • 24, 59-passenger buses