Superintendent's Teacher Leadership Council

  • Communication is the foundation of a premier school district, and the Superintendent's Teacher Leadership Council focuses on working together to learn more about various district initiatives to further advance our schools. The Council is comprised of current Site Teachers of the Year, the current District Teacher of the Year and past Teacher of the Year, as well as representatives from Fine Arts, Athletics, Special Education and the Professional Educators of Norman. Teachers of the Year begin serving on the Council the school year following their selection. The Council meets monthly.

2019-2020 Participants

School/Dept. Name Term
NPS Teacher of the Year Elizabeth Hoggatt One Year
Past NPS Teacher of the Year Teresa Lansford One Year
NPS Rookie Teacher of the Year Tyler Overton One Year
NPS Special Education Teacher of the Year Michelle Scuccimarri One Year
Adams Elementary Rose Fletcher One Year
Cleveland Elementary Kambra Reynolds One Year
Eisenhower Elementary Nicole Lee One Year
Jackson Elementary Brooke Lund One Year
Jefferson Elementary Jane McGill One Year
Kennedy Elementary Ashley Quate One Year
Lakeview Elementary Amanda Hacker One Year
Lincoln Elementary Kara Fleming One Year
Madison Elementary Hailey Couch One Year
McKinley Elementary Jamie Johnson One Year
Monroe Elementary Catherine Buckley One Year
Reagan Elementary Janet Pyle One Year
Roosevelt Elementary Ryen Muralt One Year
Truman Primary Eden Ware One Year
Truman Elementary Mai Jeung One Year
Washington Elementary Kara Karns One Year
Wilson Elementary Emily Evetts One Year
Alcott Middle School Janette Nichols One Year
Irving Middle School Amber Mahaffey One Year
Longfellow Middle School Martha Griffith One Year
Whittier Middle School Christiona Cejda One Year
Norman High Elizabeth Hoggatt One Year
Norman North Sara Beth Newsome One Year
Dimensions Academy Tusa Scraper One Year
Residential Facilities Melissa Hall One Year
Special Education Marcie Stickney Two Years
Fine Arts Stephania Abell Two Years
Athletics Scott Monnard Two Years
PEN Elementary Kara Amis Two Years
PEN Secondary Adrienne Hall Two Years

Agendas and Minutes

    • Sept. 19, 2019 - Agenda
    • Oct. 17, 2019 - Agenda
    • Nov. 21, 2019 - Agenda | Presentation
    • Dec. 19, 2019 - Agenda | Presentation
    • Jan. 16, 2020 - Agenda | Presentation
    • Feb. 21, 2020 - Agenda | Presentation
    • March 05, 2020 - Agenda | Presentation
    • April 16, 2020 - Agenda | Presentation