Student Access and Filters

  • District filters are compliant with the Children Internet Protection Act, which is federal protection that addresses concerns about children’s online access to obscene or harmful content. As technology evolves, the district’s iTech team continues to monitor appropriate filters to ensure our protections exceed the federal requirements. Below is a list of common websites and programs and the standard filters at various grade levels.

    Click here to view a more detailed list of various restriction options. We also encourage parents to report websites or programs they believe should be added or removed from internet filters. 

    To request customized filters for your child's school-issued computer, please fill out the following form:

    Restriction Request Form

    For more questions, please call: 

    iTech Help Desk 

    Phone: 405.366.0536 or


    Monday - Thursday: 7:45 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Friday: 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.


Standard Levels of Access

Program Elementary Access Middle School Access High School Access
Administrator Access No No No
Ability to Send/Receive Email Outside NPS Domain No No Yes
Curfew (Time Limit) NA None None
NPS Managed Apple IDs (Aug. 2019) Yes Yes Yes
Personal Apple IDs No Yes Yes
Finder Yes Yes Yes
Launch Programs from User Areas No No No
Launchpad Yes Yes Yes
Messages No No Yes
FaceTime No No Yes
Air Drop No Yes Yes
Mission Control (Multiple Desktops and Swipe) Yes Yes Yes
Browser Extensions No No No
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Apps/Software No No No
Camera Yes Yes Yes
QuickTime Yes Yes Yes
NPS Kiosk Yes Yes Yes
App Store No Yes Yes
Terminal No No No
Safari Browser Yes Yes Yes
Firefox Browser No No No
Chrome Browser Yes Yes Yes
Mail App Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Reminders Yes Yes Yes
Notes Yes Yes Yes
Maps Yes Yes Yes
Photo Booth Yes Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes Yes
iTunes No Yes Yes
iBooks Yes Yes Yes
Preview Yes Yes Yes
Dictionary Yes Yes Yes
Calculator Yes Yes Yes
iMovie Yes Yes Yes
GarageBand Yes Yes Yes
Keynote Yes Yes Yes
Numbers Yes Yes Yes
Pages Yes Yes Yes
Word Yes Yes Yes
Excel Yes Yes Yes
PowerPoint Yes Yes Yes
Google Translate No No No
Facebook No No Yes
Twitter No No Yes
Instagram No No Yes
Pinterest No No Yes
Skype No No Yes
SnapChat No No No
Spotify Yes Yes Yes
NetFlix No No No
Yahoo No No No
YouTube Yes Yes Yes
This list is not exhaustive and denotes only the most commonly requested information. Revised January 2020.