NPS Access

  • Introducing Norman Public Schools (NPS) Access
    Self-Service for Password and Network Account Management and Access

    In order to facilitate timely access to NPS accounts as well as to improve security, the Technology Services Center (TSC) is pleased to share NPS Access-- our portal to support staff and student password self-service. This account and password impact the following services:

    • NPS email, calendar, and Google tools (GSuite)

    • NPS Networked computer (Dell and Mac devices)

    • Moodle

    • Incident IQ

    • Safari Montage, if applicable

    • Activity/Field Trips, if applicable

    • Security Cameras, if applicable

    All NPS account users (students and staff) will be able to manage and reset their own account passwords by answering their respective security questions to verify their identity. This resource can also be utilized to reset the NPS account if the ID is locked out after multiple unsuccessful attempts or if a user password expires.

    Infinite Campus and Munis password changes are separate from the current password change process that happens through NPS Access-- our portal to support staff and student password self-service.

Setting Up Your Account

  • In order to access NPS accounts (email, Google resources, etc) students and staff will need to set up a profile with their name, login information and will answer a few security questions. You will have multiple questions to select from and you will be prompted to answer at least five (5) of those questions to verify your identity when you want to reset your password.


    Things to keep in mind when selecting and answering your security questions

    • Select questions that no one else knows the responses to.

    • Make sure you will remember your responses – for instance, do not select your favorite movie title as the latest movie that you saw, select your all-time favorite so you will remember it in a few months.

    • Answer the questions with spellings that only you will know/remember.

    • You need to answer with minimum of three (3) letters.

    • No two (2) answers can be the same.

     If you are unable to sign-in to your NPS Network account because you have forgotten your password, security questions, or have not set up your profile yet, please contact the NPS TSC Help Desk or the respective help desk for each middle school or high school site using the information below.


  • TSC District Help Desk

    (405) 366-0536

    Norman High iTech Help Desk

    (405) 366-0561

    Norman North iTech Help Desk

    (405) 366-0562

    Alcott iTech Help Desk

    (405) 366-0563

    Irving iTech Help Desk

    (405) 366-0564

    Longfellow iTech Help Desk

    (405) 366-0565

    Whittier iTech Help Desk

    (405) 366-0566


    During the school year, the TSC Help Desk is open Monday through Thursday from 7:45 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. CST  and Friday from 7:45 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. CST excluding Norman Public Schools approved holidays.

    For MUNIS users, reset of the password is done by clicking the gear and choosing reset your password. If your password has already expired, please contact the NPS TSC Help Desk.

    For Infinite Campus users, please contact the appropriate Help Desk at your site.


Password and Account Reset

  • After setting up your profile, you can connect to the following webpage from any internet enabled device to reset your password or unlock your account.