Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine

  • Safety Procedures

    1. If you have long hair, pull it back in a ponytail or bun. If you have especially long nails, we don’t advise you to sew on the machine.
    2. Thread the machine BEFORE you turn it on. Follow the step-by-step numerical instructions to thread.
    3. Turn on machine AFTER you thread by pressing the power button on the side.
    4. Once you turn the machine on, the safety button will turn RED. You are unable to sew until you push the lever down (located under the arm). It will turn GREEN indicating you are ready to begin sewing.
    5. Unless you are an experienced sewer, please do not increase the speed to max.
    6. Keep your eye on the needle at all times.
    7. Once you are done sewing, lift up the safety lever and cut the thread on the cutter located on the left side of the machine.
    8. When you are done with the machine, pull the safety level back down and turn the machine off.
    9. When changing from sewing to embroidery, simply lift the front section off the machine. When changing from embroidery to sewing, lift the lever located under the embroidery section and pull outwards. Make sure the machine is off when you change.
    10. You are using the sewing at your own risk. We are providing the safety training so that you understand how to properly and effectively use the machine.
    11. When you are unsure about a certain aspect of the machine, PLEASE consult the instruction manual because it is the most relevant and reliable place to get your question answered.
    12. Watch the simple how-to video below. If you are a visual learner this will help you see the steps noted above in action.
    13. After watching the video, you must take and pass the quiz in order to begin using the machine! Don't worry- it's short and not to hard if you paid attention!


Safety Quiz

Last Modified on February 4, 2019