• Cold Temperatures: 

    Please help us keep your child(ren) warm while at school.  Make sure all of their layers that they wear have their names in them so that we can get them back to them.  Layers are great, but as they warm up and start taking their layers off, kids aren't always the best at remembering to pick their things up when leaving an area.  We go outside as long as the real temperature and wind chill are above 32 degrees so make sure they bring a coat every day.


    Bus Loop:

    Thank you to everyone for helping me keep the bus loop free for buses to come and go.  Please don't start using it as a "mini drop off" area again as the temps get colder.  It isn't any closer to the doors for kids to walk to than the other side where cars are supposed to drop kids off. 



    It is very important to establish with kids now, at the elementary level, the importance of regular and punctual school attendance.  If parents don't make school a priority now, when they are old enough to make the choice on their own, they won't make it a priority either.  Just a reminder that if your child is sick with fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, they must be 24 hours symptom free WITHOUT medication in order to return to school.  For instance, if your child has fever, but is controlled as long as you give them tylenol/motrin, then they are still sick and should stay home.  Once the fever stays gone even when tylenol/motrin are not given, then they can return to school.  We have several "medically fragile" students and their parents need to feel safe to send their kids to school.  Thank you for your cooperation.