• High schools have weighted GPA to account for AP classes. Is this used to determine valedictorian?

    Valedictorian is determined by unweighted GPA.

    My child is way ahead on credits for graduation. Does that mean he/she can take fewer than 6 classes his junior or senior year?

    No, state regulations required students to take a minimum of 6 classes each year, regardless of their number of credits.

    Why are there only a few AP classes allowed for freshman and sophomores?

    The curriculum in AP classes requires students to be prepared to learn college level material. There are many foundational courses that must first be completed in order for students to be adequately prepared for AP classes. The curriculum in AP Human Geography and AP Computer Science Principles is suitable for 9th Grade students. More information regarding AP Courses can be found here.

    How early should my child be taking the ACT or SAT?

    • Students can take the ACT or SAT at any age. Experts recommend taking the following in consideration when deciding to take the ACT or SAT for the first time:
      • Content readiness – after completing Geometry and Algebra II.
      • Deadlines for college admissions or scholarships.
      • Personal schedule and stress.
      • Time available to prepare and study.

    Where do I begin a college search? How will the high schools help me navigate that process?

    • It is ideal for students and parent to do some research on their own. A great website is BigFuture. This website will allow you to search by the following categories:
      • I know what I want.
      • I am not sure where to start.
      • Location matters to me.
      • College majors are my top priority.
      • I’m worried about the college costs.
    • School counselors, AVID Teacher (for students in AVID), principal emails, student meetings held with counselors can all be resources for your student.

    How do I know what class to take next and in what order I should take classes?

    All course progressions can be found on the Norman Public School website. The information includes Advanced and Standard Grade Level course options, as well as any required pre-requisite coursework.