• Things Fall Apart

    by Achebe, Chinua Year Published: 1992 F ACH

    Set in an Ibo village in Nigeria, the novel recreates pre-Christian tribal life and shows how the coming the white man led to the breaking up of the old ways.

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  • Purple Hibiscus

    by Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Year Published: 2003 F ADI

    A teenaged Nigerian girl and her older brother struggle to cope with life in their tense, stifling household--caused by their father's demands for perfection--after getting a taste of freedom during a visit to their aunt's home.

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  • The House of the Spirits

    by Allende, Isabel Year Published: 1982 F ALL

    Presents a novel set in an unnamed Latin American country and describes the struggles, passions, and secrets of theTrueba family that spans three generations.

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  • In the Time of the Butterflies

    by Alvarez, Julia Year Published: 1994 F ALV

    Gives a fictionalized account of four sisters in the Dominican Republic under the dictatorship of General Trujillo.

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  • Before We Were Free

    by Alvarez, Julia Year Published: 2004 F ALV

    Anita, a typically self-absorbed twelve-year-old living in the Dominican Republic in the early 1960s, is surprised to discover her family is involved in the underground movement to end the bloody rule of the dictator, General Trujillo.

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  • Bless Me, Ultima

    by Anaya, Rudolfo Year Published: 1972 F ANA

    Six-year-old Antonio embarks upon a spiritual journey under the watchful guidance of Ultima, a healing woman, that leads him to question his faith and beliefs in family, religion, and other aspects of his Chicano culture.

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  • Symphony for the City of the Dead : Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad

    by Anderson, M.T. Year Published: 2015 780 AND

    In September 1941, Adolf Hitler's Wehrmacht surrounded Leningrad in what was to become one of the longest and most destructive sieges in Western history. Trapped between the Nazi invading force and the Soviet government itself was composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who would write a symphony that roused, rallied, eulogized, and commemorated his fellow citizens - the Leningrad Symphony. This testament of courage was copied onto microfilm, driven across the Middle East, and flown over thedeserts of North Africa to be performed in the United States - where it played a surprising role in strengthening the Grand Alliance against the Axis powers.

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  • Home of the Brave

    by Applegate, Katherine Year Published: 2007 F APP

    Kek, an African refugee, is confronted by many strange things at the Minneapolis home of his aunt and cousin, as well as in his fifth-grade classroom, and longs for his missing mother, but finds comfort in the company of a cow and her owner.

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  • A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

    by Beah, Ishmael Year Published: 2007 B BEA

     Ishmael Beah describes his experiences after he was driven from his home by war in Sierra Leone and picked up by the government army at the age of thirteen, serving as a soldier for three years before being remo

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  • I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing up in the Holocaust

    by Jackson, Livia Bitton Year Published: 1997 940.53 JAC

    A memoir of Elli Friedmann in which she tells about her experiences at Auschwitz concentration camp where she was taken at the age of thirteen in 1944 when the Nazis invaded her native Hungary.

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  • Code Talker : A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two

    by Bruchac, Joseph Year Published: 2005 F BRU

    After being taught in a boarding school run by whites that Navajo is a useless language, Ned Begay and other Navajo men are recruited by the Marines to become Code Talkers, sending messages during World War II in their native tongue.

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  • The Good Earth

    by Buck, Pearl S. Year Published: 1931 F BUC

    The story of a Chinese peasant and his passionate, dogged accumulation of land during famine, drought, and revolution.

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  • Serafina's Promise

    by Burg, Ann E. Year Published: 2013 F BUR

    In a poor village outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Serafina works hard to help her family, but dreams of going to school and becoming a doctor--then the earthquake hits and Serafina must summon all her courage to find her father and still get medicine for her sick baby brother as she promised.

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  • The Stranger

    by Camus, Albert Year Published: 1941 F CAM

    Caught in the grip of forces he does not understand, a quiet, ordinary clerk in Algiers commits a murder.

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  • The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

    by Coelho, Paulo Year Published: 1993 F COE

    Tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different--and far more satisfying--than he ever imagined.

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  • Many Stones

    by Coman, Carolyn Year Published: 2000 F COM

    After her sister Laura is murdered in South Africa, Berry and her estranged father travel there to participate in the dedication of a memorial in her name.

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  • Broken Memory: A Story of Rwanda

    by Combres, Elisabeth Year Published: 2009 F COM

    Five-year-old Emma witnesses the brutal murder of her mother during the 1994 genocide massacres in Rwanda and seeks shelter with an aging Hutu woman; but years later when war ends, Emma's fears continue to haunt her as she finds the courage to begin her healing.

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  • Iqbal

    by D'Adamo, Francesco Year Published: 2003 F DAD

    A fictionalized account of the Pakistani child who escaped from bondage in a carpet factory and went on to help liberate other children like him before being gunned down at the age of thirteen.

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  • Out of Africa; and Shadows on the Grass

    by Dinesen, Isak Year Published: 1937 B DIN

    With classic simplicity and a painter's feeling for atmosphere and detail, Isak Dinesen tells of the years she spent from 1914 to 1931 managing a coffee plantation in Kenya.

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  • Revolution

    by Donnelly, Jennifer Year Published: 2010 F DON

    An angry, grieving seventeen-year-old musician facing expulsion from her prestigious Brooklyn private school travels to Paris to complete a school assignment and uncovers a diary written during the French revolution by a young actress attempting to help a tortured, imprisoned little boy--Louis Charles, the lost king of France.

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  • Crime and Punishment

    by Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Year Published: 1866 F DOS

    Raskolnikov, a former Russian student, murders an old pawnbroker and her sister. The guilt with which he struggles results in a tragedy of tension and terror.

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  • The Brothers Karamazov

    by Dostonevsky, Fyodor Year Published: 1880 F DOS

    A translation of nineteenth-century Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel in which the four sons of Fyodor Karamazov, a man of immoral character, must contend with a criminal investigation and with their own inner questions about justice and the existence of God after they are involved in their father's murder.

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  • The Count of Monte Cristo

    by Dumas, Alexandre Year Published: 1845 F DUM

    After escaping from the island fortress where he has been imprisoned for treason, young sailor Edmund Dantes sets out to discover the treasure of Monte Cristo and seek revenge against the people who falsely accused him. Includes a selection of study aids.

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  • Funny in Farsi: A Memoir ofGrowing up Iranian in America

    by Dumas, Firoozeh Year Published: 2003 B DUM

    Firoozeh Dumas recounts the experiences she had after her family moved from Iran to Southern California, discussing how her family adapted to life in America.

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  • No Ordinary Day

    by Ellis, Deborah Year Published: 2011 F ELL

    Valli has always been afraid of the lepers living on the other side of the train tracks in the coal town of Jharia, India, so when a chance encounter with a doctor reveals she also has leprosy, Valli rejects help and begins an uncertain life on the streets.

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  • The Firefly Letters : A Suffragette's Journey to Cuba

    by Engle, Margarita Year Published: 2010 811 ENG

    Draws on little-known Cuban history to tell a stirring story in poetry. Based on the diaries and letters of Swedish suffragist Fredrika Bremer, who spent three months in Cuba in 1851, the story focuses on oppressed women, the privileged as well as the enslaved, in three alternating free-verse narratives.

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  • Like Water for Chocolate

    by Esquivel, Laura Year Published: 1992 F ESQ

    A romantic and poignant tale of love and family life in turn-of-the-century Mexico.

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  • Madame Bovary

    by Flaubert, Gustave Year Published: 1857 F FLA

    Nineteenth-century novel about Emma Bovary, the wife of a provincial doctor who seeks to escape her boredom by indulging in romantic fantasies and adulterous affairs.

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  • Dreaming in Cuban

    by Garcia, Cristina Year Published: 1992 F GAR

    The story of four strong-willed women of the del Pino family of Havana and of Brooklyn who are divided by conflicting political loyalties.

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  • Hiroshima

    by Hersey, John Year Published: 1985 940.54 HER

    An account of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945, from the viewpoint of the people who lived through it.

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  • Siddhartha

    by Hesse, Hermann Year Published: 1951 F HES

    A moral allegory, set in ancient India, about one soul's quest for the ultimate answer to the enigma of man's role in this world. The hero, Siddhartha, undergoes a series of experiences to emerge in a state of peace and wisdom.

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  • Born Confused

    by Desai Hidier, Tanuja Year Published: 2002 F HID

    As Dimple Lala turns seventeen, she realizes that life is about to become more complex as her best friend starts pulling away and her parents try to find a suitable boyfriend for Dimple, despite the fact that she is not interested.

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  • The Kite Runner

    by Hosseini, Khaled Year Published: 2003 F HOS

    Amir, haunted by his betrayal of Hassan, the son of his father's servant and a childhood friend, returns to Kabul as an adult after he learns Hassan has been killed, in an attempt to redeem himself by rescuing Hassan's son from a life of slavery to a Taliban official.

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  • A Thousand Splendid Suns

    by Hosseini, Khaled Year Published: 2007 F HOS

    Afghan women Mariam and Laila grow close, despite their nearly twenty-year age difference and initial rivalry, as they suffer at the hands of a common enemy--their abusive, much-older husband, Rasheed.

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  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    by Hugo, Victor Year Published: 1910 F HUG

    In fifteenth-century Paris, a disfigured man named Quasimodo, who was abandoned as an infant in the cathedral of Notre-Dame and now lives in its bell tower, must come to the aid of a beautiful gypsy girl named Esmeralda after she repels the advances of the cruel archdeacon Don Claude Frollo.

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  • Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You

    by Jansen, Hanna Year Published: 2006 F JAN

    Jeanne, the only member of her family not murdered in the Rwandan genocide, struggles to start a new life without her family while coping with the violent memories that haunt her.

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  • Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution

    by Jiang, Ji-li Year Published: 1997 F JIA

    The author tells about the happy life she led in China up until she was twelve-years-old when her family became a target of the Cultural Revolution, and discusses the choice she had to make between denouncing her father and breaking with her family, or refusing to speak against him and losing her future in the Communist Party.

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  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    by Joyce, James Year Published: 1916 F JOY

    An autobiographical novel depicting the childhood, adolescence, and early manhood of Stephen Dedalus.

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  • A Million Shades of Gray

    by Kadohata, Cynthia Year Published: 2011 F KAD

    A boy takes refuge in the jungle with his elephant when the Viet Cong launch an attack on his village in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

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  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

    by Kamkwamba, William Year Published: 2009 609.2 KAM

    African teenager William Kamkwamba explored science books in his village library when he was forced to drop out of school, and was able to change his family's life by creating a windmill to pump water for his family's farm.

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  • Annie John

    by Kincaid, Jamaica Year Published: 1985 F KIN

    A fictional account of a young girl's coming of age in Antigua, from a doted upon childhood to an adolescence fraught with events and alliances leading her away from mutual complacent acceptance.

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  • The Poisonwood Bible

    by Kingsolver, Barbara Year Published: 1998 F KIN

    Nathan Price and his family move to the Belgian Congo in 1959, and the experiences they have while living in Africa affect each member of the family in a different way.

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  • All But My Life

    by Klein, Gerda Weissmann Year Published: 1995 B KLE

    The author tells of the three years she endured as a slave laborer of the Nazis during World War II.

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  • The Namesake

    by Lahiri, Jhumpa Year Published: 2003 F LAH

    A young man born of Indian parents in America struggles with issues of identity from his teens to his thirties.

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  • Listen, Slowly

    by Lai, Thanhha Year Published: 2014 F LAI
     Assisting her grandmother's investigation of her grandfather's fate during the Vietnam War, Mai struggles to adapt to an unfamiliar culture while redefining her sense of family.
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  • In Darkness

    by Lake, Nick Year Published: 2012 F LAK

    In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, Shorty, a poor, fifteen-year-old gang member from the slums of Site Soleil, is trapped in the rubble of a hospital and as he grows weaker, he has visions and memories of his life of violence, his lost twin sister, and of Toussaint L'Ouverture, who liberated Haiti from French rule in 1804.

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  • Snow Falling in Spring : Coming of Age in China during the Cultural Revolution

    by Li-Marcus, Moying Year Published: 2008 951.05 LI

    The author reveals the events of her life from age twelve to adulthood when the cultural revolution of Mao Zedong destroyed family customs and life as they knew it.

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  • Nectar in a Sieve

    by Markandaya, Kamala Year Published: 1982 F MAR

    Tells of a simple peasant woman in a primitive village in India whose whole life was a gallant and persistent battle to care for those she loved.

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  • Chronicle of a Death Foretold

    by Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Year Published: 2003 F MAR

    A young man tries to uncover the truth behind a shocking murder that took place nearly thirty years ealier, looking to the town's residents to rebuild the events of the crime and try to determine why no one stopped the killer when everyone seemed to know his intentions.

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  • Love in the Time of Cholera

    by Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Year Published: 1988 F MAR

    A love story that ranges from the late nineteenth century to the early decades of our own, tracing the lives of three people and their entwined fates.

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  • One Hundred Years of Solitude

    by Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Year Published: 1970 F GAR

    Translation of the Spanish novel which traces the rise and fall, birth and death of the mythical town of Macondo, through the history of the Buendia family.

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  • Life of Pi

    by Martel, Yann Year Published: 2001 F MAR

    Pi Patel, having spent an idyllic childhood in Pondicherry, India, as the son of a zookeeper, sets off with his family at the age of sixteen to start anew in Canada, but his life takes a marvelous turn when their ship sinks in the Pacific, leaving him adrift on a raft with a 450-pound Bengal tiger for company.

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  • Kaffir boy : The True Story of a Black youth's coming of age in Apartheid South Africa

    by Mathabane, Mark Year Published: 1986 B MAT

    The author recalls his personal experiences growing up under South African Apartheid during the 1970s, the poverty and oppression of living in the ghettos of Alexandra, and of those who helped him escape from it.

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  • Sold

    by McCormick, Patricia Year Published: 2006 F MCC

    A novel in vignettes, in which Lakshmi, a thirteen-year-old girl from Nepal, is sold into prostitution in India.

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  • Never Fall Down

    by McCormick, Patricia Year Published: 2012 F MCC

    When soldiers arrive in his hometown in Cambodia, Arn Chorn-Pond is separated from his family and sent to a labor camp, where he works in the rice paddies until he volunteers to learn to play an instrument--a decision that both saves his life and lands him in battle.

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  • Thunder over Kandahar

    by McKay, Sharon Year Published: 2010 F MCK

    Teenagers Tamanna and Yasmine, having seen their dream to become educated ruined when their school building was burned down by the Taliban, find themselves fleeing from the terrorist organization and facing mortal dangers in their travels through mountain passes.

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  • Three Cups of Tea

    by Mortenson, Greg & David Oliver Relin Year Published: 2006 371.822 MOR

    Greg Mortenson recounts the experiences he had while trying to help impoverished villages in Pakistan's Karakoram Himalaya build schools for their children.

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  • Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books

    by Nafisi, Azar Year Published: 2003 F NAF

    The author presents a memoir of her life in post-revolutionary Iran, focusing on her organization of a group of young women in 1997 who met secretly once a week to read and discuss forbidden works of Western literature.

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  • Ties that Bind, Ties that Break

    by Namioka, Lensey Year Published: 1999 F NAM

    Ailin's life takes a different turn when she defies the traditions of upper class Chinese society by refusing to have her feet bound.

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  • Child of Dandelions

    by Nanji, Shenaaz Year Published: 2008 F NAN

    In Uganda in 1972, fifteen-year-old Sabine and her family, wealthy citizens of Indian descent, try to preserve their normal life during the ninety days allowed by President Idi Amin for all foreign Indians to leave the country, while soldiers and others terrorize them and people disappear.

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  • Bound

    by Napoli, Donna Jo Year Published: 2004 F NAP

    In a novel based on Chinese Cinderella tales, fourteen-year-old stepchild Xing-Xing endures a life of neglect and servitude, as her stepmother cruelly mutilates her own child's feet so that she alone might marry well.

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  • Enrique's Journey: The Story of a Boy's Dangerous Odyssey

    by Nazario, Sonia Year Published: 2006 305.23 NAZ
     Addresses the issues of family and illegal immigration through the story of a young boy's dangerous journey from Honduras to the U.S. in search of his mother, who left him and his sibling behind make a better life for her family.
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  • Akata Witch

    by Okorafor-Mbachu, Nnedi Year Published: 2011 F OKO

    Twelve-year-old Sunny Nwazue, an American-born albino child of Nigerian parents, moves with her family back to Nigeria, where she learns that she has latent magical powers which she and three similarly gifted friends use to catch a serial killer.

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  • Karma

    by Ostlere, Cathy Year Published: 2011 F OST

    Fifteen-year-old half Hindu, half Sikh Maya, having traveled from Canada to New Delhi to put her mother's ashes in their final resting place, finds herself in the middle of chaos after Indira Gandhi is assassinated and must disguise her identity and rely on a boy she just met in order to be reunited with her father and remain safe.

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  • Doctor Zhivago

    by Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich Year Published: 1957 F PAS

    In Russia, Yuri Zhivago is a young doctor and poet trying to care for his wife and family when he meets Lara, the love of his life. When revolution breaks out, their world is torn apart, and their lives are at risk.

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  • Cry, the Beloved Country

    by Paton, Alan Year Published: 1948 F PAT

    Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo travels to Johannesburg on an errand for a friend and to visit his son, Absalom, only to learn Absalom has been accused of murdering white city engineer and social activist Arthur Jarvis and stands very little chance of receiving mercy.

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  • Keeper

    by Peet, Mal Year Published: 2003 F PEE

    South American journalist Paul Faustino begins his interview with World Cup Soccer star El Gato and learns a fantastic story of a young, lonely boy growing up in the middle of a rain forest who wandered upon a mysterious soccer field and an apparition that appeared to him daily.

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  • Bamboo People

    by Perkins, Mitali Year Published: 2010 F PER

    Two Burmese boys, one a Karenni refugee and the other the son of an imprisoned Burmese doctor, meet in the jungle and in order to survive they must learn to trust each other.

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  • American Shaolin :Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch ...

    by Polly, Matthew Year Published: 2007 796.815 POL

    Matthew Polly recounts the experiences he had during the two years he spent living and studying in China, performing with the Shaolin monks, who taught Matthew important lessons about life and his place in the universe.

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  • Anthem

    by Rand, Ayn Year Published: 1938 F RAN

    Set in a future world, one man defies the ideals of collectivism, makes his own decisions and personal choices, seeks knowledge, and ultimately becomes a target for death.

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  • Words in the Dust

    by Reedy, Trent Year Published: 2011 F REE

    Zulaikha, a thirteen-year-old girl in Afghanistan, faces a series of frightening but exhilarating changes in her life as she defies her father and secretly meets with an old woman who teaches her to read, her older sister gets married, and American troops offer her surgery to fix her disfiguring cleft lip.

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  • All Quiet on the Western Front

    by Remarque, Erich M. Year Published: 1929 F REM

    Depicts the experiences of a group of young German soldiers fighting and suffering during the last days of World War I.

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  • The Queen of Water

    by Resau, Laura Year Published: 2011 F RES

    Living in a village in Ecuador, a Quechua Indian girl is sent to work as an indentured servant for an upper class "mestizo" family.

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  • Illegal

    by Restrepo, Bettina Year Published: 2011 F RES

    Nora, a fifteen-year-old Mexican girl, faces the challenges of being an illegal immigrant in Texas when she and her mother cross the border in search of Nora's father.

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  • Cyrano de Bergerac

    by Rostand, Edmond Year Published: 1898 842 ROS

    An English translation of the nineteenth-century French play about Cyrano de Bergerac, a brilliant swordsman who hides his love for his cousin Roxane out of fear she will reject him because of his enormous nose.

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  • The God of Small Things

    by Roy, Arundhati Year Published: 1997 F ROY

    On a December day in 1969 twins Rahel and Estha, born to a wealthy family living in the province of Kerala, India, find their lives changed after the death of their English cousin who was visiting for the holidays.

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  • The Dreamer

    by Ryan, Pam Munoz Year Published: 2010 F RYA

    A fictionalized biography of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who grew up a painfully shy child, ridiculed by his overbearing father, but who became one of the most widely-read poets in the world.

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  • Persepolis 2

    by Satrapi, Marjane Year Published: 2004 GN 955 SAT

    Contains black-and-white comic strip images in which the author continues the story of her life, discussing her move from Iran to Vienna in 1984, her feelings of alienation in the foreign country, and her return home where she starts college, falls in love, and questions whether she can continue to live in the repressive society.

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  • Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

    by See, Lisa Year Published: 2005 F SEE

    Friends Snow Flower and Lily find solace in their bond as they face isolation, arranged marriages, loss, and motherhood in nineteenth-century China.

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  • The Bookseller of Kabul

    by Seierstad, Åsne Year Published: 2004 958.1 Sei

    Asne Seierstand tells of her experiences while staying with a bookseller named Sultan Khan and his family in Afghanistan just after the fall of the Taliban, describing what it was like for families in the country to adjust to a new way of life and a new government.

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  • Shooting Kabul

    by Senzai, N.H. Year Published: 2010 F SEN

    Escaping from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in the summer of 2001, eleven-year-old Fadi and his family immigrate to the San Francisco Bay Area, where Fadi schemes to return to the Pakistani refugee camp where his little sister was accidentally left behind.

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  • Between Shades of Gray

    by Sepetys, Ruta Year Published: 2011 F SEP

    In 1941, fifteen-year-old Lina, her mother, and brother are pulled from their Lithuanian home by Soviet guards and sent to Siberia, where her father is sentenced to death in a prison camp while she fights for her life, vowing to honor her family and the thousands like hers by burying her story in a jar on Lithuanian soil. Based on the author's family, includes a historical note.

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  • The Servant

    by Sharafeddine, Fatima Year Published: 2013 F SHA

    Faten, a teenage servant girl in Beirut, tries to get an education with the help of a rich young man.

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  • Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

    by Dai, Sijie Year Published: 2001 F SIJ

    Two boys, moved to the country for "re-education" as part of Mao's Cultural Revolution, find little to amuse them, but things change when they discover a stash of Western classics in Chinese translation and use the stories of Balzac to capture the attention of the beautiful daughter of the local tailor.

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  • One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

    by Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich Year Published: 1962 F SOL

    Recounts the experiences of Shukhov, a prisoner at a Soviet work camp in Siberia, as he struggles for survival.

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  • Living up the Street: Narrative Recollections

    by Soto, Gary Year Published: 1985 B SOT

    The author describes his experiences growing up as a Mexican American in Fresno, California.

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  • Milkweed

    by Spinelli, Jerry Year Published: 2003 F SPI

    A street child, known to himself only as Stopthief, finds community when he is taken in by a band of orphans in Warsaw ghetto which helps him weather the horrors of the Nazi regime.

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  • Under the Persimmon Tree

    by Staples, Suzanne Fisher Year Published: 2005 F STA

    A young Afghan girl, Najmah, befriends an American woman, Nusrat in Peshawar, Pakistan, after Najmah flees her native Afghanistan during the 2001 war; and together they begin a long journey to located their missing loved ones after the war ends.

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  • Chanda's Secrets

    by Stratton, Allan Year Published: 2004 F STR

    Chanda Kabelo, a sixteen-year-old in a small South African town, faces down shame and stigma in her efforts to help friends and family members who are dying of AIDS.

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  • The Joy Luck Club

    by Tan, Amy Year Published: 1989 F TAN

    The personal, often painful, histories of four Chinese American women who began meeting in San Francisco in 1949 to play mah jong are revealed as the daughter of one who has died searches for her sisters in China to tell them about the mother they never knew.

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  • Nothing

    by Teller, Janne Year Published: 2010 F TEL

    When thirteen-year-old Pierre Anthon leaves school to sit in a plum tree and train for becoming part of nothing, his seventh grade classmates set out on a desperate quest for the meaning of life.

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  • First They Killed My Father : A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

    by Ung, Loung Year Published: 2000 959.604 UNG

    Loung Ung, one of seven children of a high-ranking government official in Phnom Penh, tells of her experiences after her family was forced to flee from Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge army, discussing her training as a child soldier in a work camp for orphans, and telling of how her surviving siblings were eventually reunited.

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  • Spud

    by Van de Ruit, John Year Published: 2007 F VAN

    In 1990, thirteen-year-old John "Spud" Milton, a prepubescent choirboy, keeps a diary of his first year at an elite, boys-only boarding school in South Africa, as he deals with bizarre housemates, wild crushes, embarrassingly dysfunctional parents, and much more.

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  • Climbing the Stairs

    by Venkatraman, Padma Year Published: 2008 F VEN

    In India, in 1941, when her father becomes brain-damaged in a non-violent protest march, fifteen-year-old Vidya and her family are forced to move in with her father's extended family and become accustomed to a totally different way of life.

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  • A Time to Dance

    by Venkatraman, Padma Year Published: 2014 F VEN

    In India, a girl who excels at Bharatanatyam dancerefuses to give up after losing a leg in an accident.

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  • Like Water on Stone

    by Walrath, Dana Year Published: 2014 F WAL

    Inspired by a true story, this relates the tale of siblings Sosi, Shahen, and Mariam who survive the Armenian genocide of 1915 by escaping from Turkey alone over the mountains.

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  • The Milk of Birds

    by Whitman, Sylvia Year Published: 2013 F WHI

    When a nonprofit organization called Save the Girls pairs a fourteen-year-old Sudanese refugee with an American teenager from Richmond, Virginia, the pen pals teach each other compassion and share a bond that bridges two continents.

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  • Dawn

    by Wiesel, Elie Year Published: 1961 F WIE

    An eighteen-year-old terrorist spends a night waiting to kill an English officer in Palestine as a reprisal for Britain's execution of a Jewish prisoner.

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  • The Last Execution

    by Wung-Sung, Jesper Year Published: 2010 F WUN

    Based on the true story of the last execution in Denmark's history, this novel asks a question that plagues a small Danish town in 1853: does a fifteen-year-old boy deserve to be put to death?

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  • Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter

    by Yen Mah, Adeline Year Published: 1999 B MAH

    The author tells the story of her painful childhood in China where she lived until the age of fourteen with her father, stepmother, and siblings, all of whom considered her bad luck because her mother died shortly after giving birth to her.

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  • Falling Leaves: The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter

    by Yen Mah, Adeline Year Published: 1997 B MAH

    Autobiography of physician and writer Adeline Yen Mah, discussing her emotionally abusive childhood, experiences of isolation and loneliness, success as a student, and triumphant struggle to achieve freedom and a new life.

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  • The Book Thief

    by Zusak, Markus Year Published: 2005 F ZUS

    Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War II, Death relates the story of Liesel--a young German girl whose book-stealing and story-telling talents help sustain her family and the Jewish man they are hiding, as well as 

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