Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do elementary students receive a device?

  • Do middle and high school students receive a device?

  • Will students spend a lot of time on devices in the classroom?

  • Will my student receive Digital Citizenship and Digital Safety instruction?

  • Can the district monitor information on student devices?

  • Are there filters on what my child is able to see online?

  • Can parents request custom internet filters for their child?

  • Who can my student email?

  • Can parents access their child’s school email account?

  • What is the district doing to protect my child's privacy?

  • Can the district use the camera on my child’s laptop to view my child at home?

  • How are laptops differentiated across the district?

  • If students already own a laptop, will they receive a district-issued computer?

  • When do students receive the devices?

  • Is a deposit required to use the laptop?

  • What happens if the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged?

  • What if we do not have internet in our home?

  • What is the after-hours support plan for students and families?

  • Where can I read policies surrounding technology and the acceptable use information?

  • Why did Norman Public Schools choose Apple devices?

  • Will my student be issued an Apple ID?

  • What is Apple Classroom?

  • What is AirDrop? How do I use it and can I restrict it?

  • Will any accessories, such as cases or covers, be provided with the student computers?

  • Can students who have after-school activities leave their laptop at school rather than transporting it home?

  • Can I request that my child not have or use a device at school?

  • Will I be able to purchase a used MacBook Air for my child after graduation?

  • Will my child’s school have robust wireless capability in place by August 2017?

  • Will students be allowed to keep their laptops over the summer?

  • If my child's device is damaged, may I fix it myself or pay to have it fixed on my own?

  • May I use my homeowner or third-party insurance to cover my child's device?

  • I keep hearing about state budget cuts impacting public education. How can the district afford this?