• By the end of Latin I students will be able to read and understand simple to intermediate level Latin passages.  Additionally, they will be able to compare the lifestyles of ancient Romans to that of modern Americans.

    By the end of Latin II students will be able to read and understand intermediate to advanced level Latin passages.  They will be able to discuss the impact of the Trojan War on the Romans’ beliefs about themselves and their history.

    By the end of Latin III students will be able to read and understand advanced Latin prose and simple Latin poetry.  They will be able to explain how the Aeneid reflected and influenced the Romans’ perceptions about themselves and their history.

    In Latin IV selections from Ovid and Vergil are read, as well as a variety of texts by prose authors.  Epic poetry, poetic style, and scansion are discussed. A study of ancient Greek civilization is made and emphasis on English derivatives continues.

    AP Latin is designed for students interested in reading Caesar's De Bello Gallico and Vergil's Aeneid.  This course focuses on both Caesar and Vergil in Latin and English.  The readings for this course follow the reading list requirements chosen by College Board.  Students study both authors' styles and literary devices to enhance their understanding of ancient Latin.  The historical time periods for both will be discussed, paying careful attention to the political and social changes of the times.  In an attempt to understand the cultural significance of both authors, students will compare past events to modern times.