• Teachers from across the Norman Public School District were recognized as Teachers of the Year at their respective schools for demonstrating a commitment to excellence and expertise in the classroom.

    Coordinated by the district's Staff Development Committee, the program recognizes teachers who are ambassadors for the profession and exhibit vigorous, creative and imaginative teaching that results in positive learning experiences. 

    “These recipients have demonstrated not only exceptional skill and proficiency, but in today’s circumstances their resilience has been inspiring,” said Superintendent Dr. Nick Migliorino. “They are a powerful force of leadership and optimism at their schools and I am so proud to be able to recognize and celebrate them.”

    While each school’s selection process can differ, eligible teachers typically are nominated by their colleagues. The school’s faculty and support staff then cast votes to determine who will receive the honor.

    Recipients will be honored with breakfast delivered to their respective sites and also will be considered for the 2022 Norman Public Schools Teacher of the Year award, to be announced in the spring. The district’s Teacher of the Year will be eligible for the statewide award. Teachers recognized are:

    • Adams - Lindsey Purton, 3rd Grad 
    • Cleveland - Cortney Knox, 5th Grade  
    • Eisenhower - Megan Newell, 2nd Grade 
    • Jackson - Dana Phillips, Librarian 
    • Jefferson - Tessa Short, 3rd Grade 
    • Kennedy - Katie Campbell, 1st Grade 
    • Lakeview - Nicole Marema, 1st Grade
    • Lincoln - Beth Gilberg, Reading Interventionist  
    • Madison - Mindy Jones, 1st Grade
    • McKinley - Taylor Witte, Pre-K 
    • Monroe - Lisa Raiber, Reading Specialist
    • Reagan - Lily Harris Richardson, 2nd Grade  
    • Roosevelt - Lisa VanGorder, Special Education  
    • Truman - Olivia Spruill, 5th Grade  
    • Truman Primary - Lauren Collings, Librarian 
    • Washington - Trevor Graham, Counselor
    • Wilson - Hilary Perry, 3rd Grade 
    • Alcott - Shae Wilbur, 6th Grade Social Studies
    • Irving -  Cristin Floch, 8th Grade Science
    • Longfellow -  Rob Bradshaw, Orchestra
    • Whittier -  Sarah Winters, 6th Grade SPED Math
    • Dimensions - Elizabeth Johnson, Language Arts
    • Norman High -  Shannon Pawley, English
    • Norman North -  Molly Dettman, Librarian
    • Residential Facilities - Ruben Lopez, Science and Math
    • ExpandEd -  Hannah Donaghe, Special Education