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    In the fall of 2005, the College Links Program was created by Lucyann Harjo, Program Coordinator; Dr. Jerry Bread, University of Oklahoma Native American Studies Program Outreach Coordinator; and Lindy Waters, University of Oklahoma Associate Director of Student Life. Together these educators founded a program that focuses on concerns that Native students are often not encouraged enough to continue their education beyond high school. Through our College Links Program, we hope to instill the dream of post-secondary education for all our students. By exposing them early to higher learning, we believe they will be better prepared to pursue a college or career path upon graduation. 


    Our program objective is to progressively expose our students to a college environment with the goal of inspiring our students to realize the dream of going to college and that earning a higher education is a very real possibility. This objective is executed through campus visits to OU and surrounding area colleges, various workshops and career fairs highlighting college and career opportunities, and through the mentorship provided by the Indian Education staff and the OU Native faculty/staff and students.



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